11 Ways You Didn't Know You Could Use Dry Shampoo

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dry shampoo
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Let's just get right into it with this bold statement: Dry shampoo is a miracle product. It offers users fresher hair, it gives you a boost of volume, and it keeps greasy scalps at bay -- all without stepping foot in the shower. Most dry shampoos come in aerosol form and contain starchy active ingredients that are meant to absorb oil and grease in the hair and scalp. Give it a try if you're on day two or three of that coveted blowout and see if it helps to extend the life it. Chances are, it will.

But dry shampoo has a lot of other fun and surprising uses, just like baby wipes do.

  • 1. Keeps Feet Dry

    Spray dry shampoo on the bottom of your feet or in your shoes when you're wearing heels or ballet flats. It helps to keep your feet dry without powder puffing out with every step.

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  • 2. Kung-Foo Grip

    If you're styling your hair, spray some dry shampoo on bobby pins to get them to hold longer.

  • 3. Triple-Threat

    "You can use dry shampoo as volumizing or texturizing spray," makeup and hair artist Sophia Porter tells CafeMom.

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  • 4. Take preventative measures

    "If I know I'm going into a situation where I may majorly sweat, I spray dry shampoo on the underside of my hair. I use the dry shampoo as sort of a pre-solution vs. trying to undo the damage that has already been done -- and it works," lifestyle writer Aly Walansky tells CafeMom

  • 5. Oil Stains Be Gone

    You can spray dry shampoo on the inside of an article of clothing that has an oil stain to help soak it up. 

  • 6. Ready. Set. Dry Shampoo.

    "Use dry shampoo to prime and mattify your skin before applying your makeup. Dry shampoo can help you beat the sweltering heat and keep an oily T-zone at bay by ensuring your makeup (and hair!) remain in place all day long," celebrity hair stylist Kiyah Wright advises CafeMom

  • 7. Say It With a Bang

    "Bangs aren't much fun when they stick to your forehead for dear life. To avoid this, I like to spray the underside of bangs to keep them from getting greasy, sticky, or separating," says Wright. 

  • 8. Updo, Not Down

    "Dry shampoo is great for updos to keep the hair in place without the hardness or slickness of hairspray and other styling products. It also helps keep stubborn hairs on the back of the head in place," suggests celebrity hair stylist Katy Q to CafeMom.

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  • 9. A-Jar-Ing

    "You can spray it on a jar if you need a better grip to open it," according to stylist Michelle Schwartz.

  • 10. So Fresh and So Clean

    If you're in a pinch, your dry shampoo can double as a deodorant! Throw one in your man's bag, too. He'll thank you later.

  • 11. Make Extensions Last Longer

    "If you have short hair and want to add clip-ins for added length but are scared of a windy day, no worries. Simply add dry shampoo to your roots to add grit so the clips of your extensions have more hold and stay put," says Wright.

    *cue Beyonce fan*

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