This Size-Inclusive Brand Reimagines Cartoon Characters for Women of Color

adorned by chi

Like so many other '90s babies, I grew up watching The Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon, and other quirky anime shows where a young girl was able to be a superhero and save the planet. However, for women of color, we didn't often (if ever) get to see cartoon characters that resembled us. 

Of course there were the few animated exceptions, such as The Proud Family and Fat Albert, but what about the manga and comic book characters for nerds of color? In spite of the stereotype that Black nerds don't exist, Jacque Amadi created her brand Adorned by Chi -- and her melanin-positive nerdy girl empire is killing it. 

"I created Adorned by Chi as a way to honor God (Chi means God in Igbo)," Amadi tells CafeMom, "but also to widen the scope of how Black women are seen in fashion. I love flowy, feminine, super soft aesthetics and I noticed while browsing for clothing online that the shops I loved most rarely used Black models. So I make it a point on my site to highlight Black women and men in flower crowns, pink hair, and flowy skirts!"

  • Adorned by Chi makes shirts in sizes S–4XL, so all different body shapes can be a part of the magic.

    This adorable shirt with a melanin version of Wednesday Addams says, "On Wednesdays We Stay Black." 

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  • And the brand doesn't just sell clothes either. It has a wide variety of products including key chains, pins, patches, and pillows.

    "I'm super inspired by anime, cartoons, and general nerdiness since I'm, well, a super huge nerd!" Amadi tells CafeMom.

  • Think Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have room for one more?

  • Yes, that is Black Sailor Moon!

  • ... and Kiki from 'Kiki's Delivery Service'!

  • The brand also offers unisex sizing, so even the fellas can purchase a shirt.

  • Amadi said her current favorite piece is the "Sad & Boujee" T-shirt.

    "I'm working on a few new secret items that will hopefully be available next year. In the meantime my favorite product has got to be the 'Sad & Boujee' tee because there's no better description for my eternal mood," she said. 

    The brand also offers empowering sayings on apparel like "Black & Proud," "Foxy & Brown," and "Magic Melanin." 

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  • Amadi, who is a Nigerian woman from Kansas and now lives in Texas, says, "Every day that I'm able to run this business is exciting!"

    You can find more of her latest designs and products by following the brand's Instagram page.