10 Ways to Use Mascara Wands You Probably Never Thought Of


mascara wands

Personally, whenever I think of disposable mascara wands, my mind drifts to department-store beauty counters. There, they sit in cute little dispensers, waiting for someone to come up and test the latest and greatest mascara.

However, those little tools can be used in so many different ways -- you may actually start secretly swiping them! 

  • 1. Exfoliate Your Lips

    Apply lip balm to your puckers and use a disposable mascara brush to exfoliate them. Exfoliation helps to remove dry skin from your lips, making them moist and plump.

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  • 2. Cover Up Your Grays

    "The Osmosis Colour Brow Gel Collection is available in four shades, so it's great at covering grey hairs in a pinch. Dip a disposable mascara wand into the appropriate color and paint on as needed," Alejandro Falcon, director for Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics, advises CafeMom.

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  • 3. Polished Nails

    Not actual nail polish, but you know, to keep those nails polished! A mascara wand can be used to clean up cuticles and dirt under the fingernails.

  • 4. Tame Your Flyaways

    Spray a little hair spray or dab a little gel on the wand to smooth wispy flyaways when you're putting your hair up. This is particularly helpful for the post-baby mess that can happen to a mama's hairline.

  • 5. Bye, Peach Fuzz

    "I have many clients with peach fuzz on the top lip and others with sideburns. Since makeup can gather there, I spray some alcohol and gently comb through it to remove makeup debris," Olga Shikhris, makeup artist, tells CafeMom.

  • 6. Reuse Spent Wands AFTER You Apply New Mascara

    "I typically toss mascara after three months for sanitary reasons, but I clean the brush and reuse it to separate lashes after you apply mascara," Hillary Kline, freelance makeup artist, advises CafeMom. 

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  • 7. Clean Up Your Jewelry

    "Once properly cleaned, a mascara wand can be used to polish up your jewelry. Much like the traditional method of using a toothbrush, the mascara wand gently brushes away dirt that can build up under our jewelry from clogged moisturizer, hand cream, and perfume," Murat Evin, creative director for the London School of Make-Up, informs CafeMom. 

  • 8. Eat All the (Clean) Cake

    "As a cake decorator, I use mascara wands to clean my decorating tips. The top of the wand makes it easier to grip. I also found that different kinds of mascara wands work with different kinds of decorating tips," Kathleen Partak, blogger, suggests to CafeMom.

  • 9. Get More Out of Mascara With a Wand & Baby Oil

    "If you're getting to the end of the road with your mascara, remove the wand, put a drop of baby oil in, and put the wand back in. Twist it around to mix the baby oil with the remaining mascara. The baby oil–coated wand helps to get a few more coats," celebrity makeup artist Daniel Koye tells CafeMom.

  • 11. Good to the Last Drop

    Use disposable mascara wants to get the last bit of foundation (or any other bottled-up beauty product) out of the bottom or off the sides of a makeup container. You'll get at least one more use out of it.