This Woman's 'Traumatizing' Skin Infection Reminds Us All to Clean Our Makeup Brushes

Staph Infection Makeup
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With our consistently hectic schedules, it's easy to forget to do something as simple as clean our much-used makeup brushes. Hell, you're lucky you even got out the door at a reasonable time this morning, let alone took the time to properly wash your powder brush. 


However, Austin, Texas resident Katie Wright's frightening encounter with cellulitis, which is a type of staph infection that affects deep cellular tissue and most likely came from a bacteria-ridden eyebrow spoolie, serves as a much-needed reminder. 

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According to a Facebook post, Wright noticed a painful, under-the-skin pimple on her upper face, which is actually labeled the "triangle of death" for its density of nerves and blood vessels that are suspectible to infections.

Like many other people would, she decided to pop the sucker. 

Then, things got unusually scary, and her entire face not only swelled up, but hurt too. She went to the emergency room, where doctors told her it was a "very serious case" of cellultis.


Katie Wright Staph Infection Makeup
Make Up Heavens/Facebook

"Since it was on my face, there was a huge risk of it spreading to my brain or my eyes, causing me to go blind," she wrote in her post. 

Wright said that even though she typically washes her brushes and other makeup tools regularly, she never thought to wash her eyebrow spoolie. But that was probably the culprit.

Staph Infection Makeup

"It's a small thing to do to avoid a painful, expensive, and traumatizing infection on your face," she wrote. 

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Thankfully, it takes just minutes to wash your beauty tools. All you have to do is soak and gently massage brushes in warm, soapy water. 

Unfortunately, Wright's lesson didn't come at a low price. She's been left with thousands of dollars in hospital bills, forcing her to start a GoFundMe campaign.

TL;DR: Take the time to wash your damn brushes. 

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