These High Heels Evidently Feel Just Like Sneakers

comfortable high heels
Any folks who try to include heels in their daily fashion can tell you what a literal pain they are. For years, heel wearers have been sacrificing comfort for style while low-key dying on the inside. Kickstarter brand Antonia Saint NY, however, may be on the verge of changing all that forever. 

  • Though it looks just like any other classic black high heel, slip one foot inside and you'll apparently soon realize this is no ordinary shoe.

    high heels
    Antonia Saint NY/Kickstarter

    Antonia Saint NY, developed by one of the creators of Thinx period underwear, claims to have designed a heel that alleviates common pressure points to make heels more tolerable for everyday use. 

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  • The designers have seemingly thought of everything, solving heel problems (from jammed toes to poorly supported arches) with a patent-pending cushion.

    Antonia Saint NY Kickstarter
    Antonia Saint NY/Kickstarter

    And the best news? They are totally customizable to your feet for the ultimate perfect fit!

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  • And people are seriously loving them

  • If heels STILL aren't your thing, the company has also designed flats with the same high-tech comfort.

  • Antonia Saint NY has already well surpassed its $50K Kickstarter goal at nearly $323K in funding.

    While there is no official price stated for the shoes, it doesn't look like they are coming cheap. The burgeoning company is asking donors to pledge upwards of $220 for their shoe and custom fit service. Shoes are roughly slated to deliver to early-bird backers come December. Would you invest in these heels?