30 Gorgeous Cover-Up Tattoos Even Better Than the Original

Michele Zipp | May 26, 2020 Beauty & Style
30 Gorgeous Cover-Up Tattoos Even Better Than the Original

coverup tattoo

As unfortunate as it is, tattoo regrets happens for so many different reasons, whether it happens to be a long time after getting it done or immediately afterward. Maybe the design choice we made years ago doesn't suit who we happen to be today, maybe the symbolism has become something that's more haunting than anything else, or maybe the elements and the years just haven't been kind to the ink. Fortunately, that's where a skilled tattoo artist can help with an incredible cover-up to transform the tattoo we no longer like into something we love, with no sign of the original tattoo remaining anywhere on our bodies. It's like magic! 

While it's definitely an option to go the laser route and have the tattoo removed permanently, it's also possible to find the right artist who will be willing to work with anyone experiencing tattoo regret to make the previous tattoo a new work of art. It's incredible to see these transformations with nary a trace of the old work. Prepare to be blown away.

We've rounded up 30 tattoo cover-ups that are so much better than the original art. There are so many reasons to get a cover-up, and it's good to know that the end result can look as amazing as the tattoos in these photos do.

Of course, it's still important to carefully consider any new tattoo before making it a permanent addition to the body, but for when those moments of regret strike, there's always a way to turn it into something even more beautiful. 

  • Skillful Design


    Many people opt for getting musical note tattoos, but they don't always turn out exactly as we imagined they might. Using the swirls of the G-clef, this artist transformed and reimagined a simple note into this beautiful design. 

  • Revival


    This faded rose got a major upgrade with this gorgeous feather and birds tattoo. It looks so lovely adorning the foot and managed to replace a tattoo that was seriously showing signs of its age, creating something totally fresh.

  • Turn on the Brights


    Yes, it's totally possible to replace a black and white tattoo with something this bright and gorgeous! In fact, we'd never know what was hiding under those vibrant, beautiful flowers. This tattoo is quite the stunner.