15 At-Home Spa Treatments You Can Easily DIY

Kelly Ladd | Aug 11, 2017 Beauty & Style
Image: iStock.com/evgenyatamanenko

woman DIY spa treatment

You do everything for everyone else -- packing lunches, driving back and forth between lessons, folding laundry, and so much more -- you definitely deserve a little me-time. But it's hard to actually get yourself to a real spa, right? Break away, even if it's just 10 minutes, and do something for yourself -- like these ultra-pampering DIY at-home spa treatments.

There are a number of face masks (using things you probably already have in your kitchen) that will revitalize your skin. We also have how-tos on making lavender bath bombs and herbal soaks that will relax you after a long day. See which of these ideas inspire you, and go ahead and try 'em out. 

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