5 Things You Didn't Know About Red Lipstick

Puwanai Somwan/Shutterstock

Puwanai Somwan/Shutterstock

As much as we love to walk out of the house in a fabulous shade of nude, pink, or purple, there is no underestimating the power of a bold red lip. In honor of National Lipstick Day (July 29), here are 5 interesting facts that you probably didn't know about red lipstick. 

  • 1. Lipstick dates back thousands of years to the ancient Mesopotamian and ancient Egyptian times, when it was worn by royalty.

    Cleopatra made her red lipstick from crushed carmine beetles and wax.

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  • 2. Elizabeth Arden supplied suffragettes with red lipstick, which became an iconic symbol of the women's suffrage movement and of female empowerment

    During World War II, Elizabeth Arden also created the "Montezuma red" shade to match the red piping and chevrons of the uniforms of women in the military.

  • 3. Marilyn Monroe would apply five layers of lip products to obtain her famous red lips.

    According to Marie Claire, Monroe used a very strategic contouring process on her lips to achieve her desired look. 

  • 4. Queen Elizabeth loved to wear red lipstick at a time when it was only thought to be for the lower class.

    Queen Elizabeth I
    Lorna Roberts/Shutterstock

    In 16th century Europe, red lipstick was associated with prostitutes and lower-class women. However, apparently Queen Elizabeth wore it anyway.

  • 5. A study showed that women who wear red lipstick typically take selfies more than any other women.

    In 2015, CoverGirl and Harvard surveyed 1,000 women and found that people who wear lipstick more often post twice as many selfies per week than those who don't.

    "Red lipstick lovers came out on top, posting selfies three times a week, with nude lip wearers right behind with a twice-weekly posting schedule," reported InStyle.

  • *Goes to buy red lipstick immediately.*