50 Matching Tattoos Sisters Can Get Together

Michele Zipp | Dec 17, 2019 Beauty & Style
50 Matching Tattoos Sisters Can Get Together

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A sister is often a girl's first best friend, and although siblings may have some quarrels along the way, a sister is usually the first to offer up good advice and to lend a shoulder to cry on. (Plus, her closet is always the best to raid when in need of something to wear, right?) Sister tattoos are the ultimate way of capturing that unique bond, and they are a wonderful way to display how much that sisterly love means to the ladies who get them.

Identical tattoos, connecting ones, or just ones that complement each other really well are all options for sisters who want to say it with ink.

When it comes down to it, a sister will have one's back more than most people, and that's a special thing to acknowledge. No matter how old we get or how many fights we get into, sisterhood is a precious thing. Tattoos are a fun way to symbolize any relationship, and if two sisters are open to the idea, then why not go for it? Whether they're into quote tattoos, feminist symbols, or art deco designs, there are so many options for sisters to explore together. 

For inspiration, sisters can look to symbols and styles that mean a lot to them, find a design that they both love, or even create their own unique and beautiful emblem. All of the sister tattoos we found are so cool, sisters may even want to choose more than one! 

Take a look at these 50 matching sister tattoos, and share favorites with Sis.


  • Lion Mandala Sister Tattoos


    Sisters who get tattooed together roar together? OK, maybe that's a little cheesy sounding, but these tattoos most certainly are not. These gorgeously decorated lions feature a mandala crown, making them more magical.

  • Constellation Sister Tattoos


    Sisters are in tune on a cosmic level. These sisters got matching constellation tattoos for the astrological sign Cancer. We love this idea -- simple yet powerful.

  • 'Bee's Knees' Sister Tattoos


    We're in love with this design and cute turn of phrase! The fact that these three sisters are the bee's knees is beyond a doubt. They are also made of strong stuff for picking such a painful place for a tattoo!

  • Connecting Butterfly Sister Tattoos


    These sisters share a bond -- and a gorgeous, colorful butterfly tattoo with a different color scheme on each half. We love a tattoo that celebrates the magic of what can happen when sisters get together.

  • Lovely Leaves Sister Tattoos


    This organic design is super pretty, timeless, and a perfect homage to the "family tree." The simple lines and design are sure to stand as a testament to this lifelong sisterly bond.  

  • Stick Figure Sister Tattoos


    Stick figure sisters with red heart mouths talking on the phone while wearing sweet triangle dresses? It doesn't get cuter than that. Sign us up for this one!

  • "No Matter What" Sister Tattoos


    What an important reminder for all women, not just biological sisters, to have. No matter what. No matter where. No matter when. Sisters are always there for us. Yes!

  • Luna Moth Sister Tattoos


    The luna moth makes an incredible tattoo -- a beautiful symbol of rebirth -- and it looks gorgeous when tattooed on sisters. It's a wonderful way to remind one's self that no matter how testy things get, there is always a chance of forgiveness. 

  • Pinky Promise Sister Tattoos


    Sisters start making pinky promises to each other when they are little kids -- and it never gets old. This tattoo couldn't be more on point.

  • Perfect Initials Sister Tattoos


    These sisters got tattoos of each other's first and middle initials in a clean and simple font. We love the back-of-the-arm placement.

  • XO Sister Tattoos


    A simple idea can be simply perfect. Hugs and kisses are symbols of sisterly love!  It's a simple tattoo but certainly makes a huge, loving statement. 

  • PB&J Sister Tattoos


    The cute factor is extremely high with this peanut butter and jelly talking-on-the-phone tattoo. These sisters are not only connected, but they share a fun sense of humor.

  • Dotted Sister Tattoos


    These four sisters all had four dots tattooed on them. Each one had a dot that was larger, which symbolized their place in birth order. This idea can be done with stars or other symbols too. The dots look simple and beautiful.

  • 'Keep It Secret' Sister Tattoos


    This might be the perfect idea for fantasy-loving sisters. The Lord of the Rings line, "Keep it secret. Keep it safe," works beautifully as a sisterly vow. We also love the typewriter font.

  • High Fivin' Cats Sister Tattoos


    Coolest cats tattoo around? We sure think so! Cool sisters came up with this idea. We'll definitely high-five to this quirky and adorable tattoo.

  • Fingers Crossed Sister Tattoos


    Sisters are each other's lucky stars; they are secret keepers and promise makers. That is why we love these matching fingers-crossed tattoos made for lil sis and big sis.

  • Third Eye Sister Tattoos


    An eye tattoo is said to possess a magical quality, and we love these wrist "third eyes" -- perfect when together as a pair. And frankly, perfect apart too. After all, our sisters don't miss a thing.

  • Three Birds Sister Tattoos


    Tattoos for three sisters of three birds perfectly in flight. These girls will take each other along wherever life happens to take them!

  • Blue Flower Sister Tattoos


    A flower is a classic sister tattoo -- but with the absence of a traditional black outline. We love the watercolor feel of the blue flower and the green stem spelling out the word "sister." 

  • Symbolic Sister Tattoos


    Sisters can create their own magical symbol. To go bold, tattoo it on a finger. This idea and design is lovely. We love that these two picked such a personal and sweet symbol. 

  • Harry Potter Sister Tattoos


    For any siblings that bond over Harry Potter, these matching tattoos are perfect! And how cute is this picture? We hope they travel back to Hogwarts many, many more times over the course of their lives.

  • Hand Quote Sister Tattoos


    A sister can provide the perfect balance between wildness and safety. These quotes are so sweet, and they complement each other perfectly!

  • "Side-by-Side" Sister Tattoos


    "Side by side or miles apart, sisters will always be connected by the heart." This quote is beautiful. And we are really mesmerized by that adorable illustration.

  • Beach Sister Tattoos


    These minimalist sunset tattoos are really nice for sisters who enjoy beach days together. It's simple line work that looks so stunning!

  • Lotus Flower Sister Tattoos


    These matching lotus flower designs are gorgeous. We love the incorporation of the hearts, infinity signs, and zodiac signs. Very clever!

  • Fingerprint Heart Sister Tattoos


    These little hearts are cute and simple. They're ultra-personalized because each sister's heart uses the other's fingerprints! 

  • Minnie Mouse Sister Tattoos


    These small Minnie Mouse tattoos are so adorable in the way they turn into a lifeline and then write out the word "sisters." Such a cute way to incorporate a shared interest.