16 of the Most Offensive Things Ever Done to Jeans

Kayla Boyd | Jul 18, 2017 Beauty & Style
16 of the Most Offensive Things Ever Done to Jeans

jeans and belt

There are some things that are sacred, and denim is one of them. There's nothing like your pair of go-to jeans that you can throw on with any type of top, shoe, or bag. Jeans are a staple -- a classic. From bell-bottoms to colored skinny jeans, denim has gone through many different stages in fashion. However, some of the trends that designers have tried to push on us were just not okay.

Many of these denim trends that we probably wouldn't be caught dead in are pretty high fashion with a high price tag, so maybe that's for the best, since we probably won't see many of these while waking through the grocery store. But, then again, I'm not sure who would want to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of jeans that they can't even figure out how to put on? 

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From double layers, to inside out, to some really strange knee patches, these jeans probably won't be something you're dying to get your hands on. They may fly on the runway or in an avant-garde photo shoot, but they're not quite what most of us are looking for when it comes to our daily wardrobe. As a fashion lover, I can appreciate a nice change in style, but when it comes to jeans, some of these designs were just plain evil. Here are 16 of the worst crimes committed on our beloved denim. 


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