15 Minimalist Piercings for Artful Rebels

Michele Zipp | Jul 26, 2017 Beauty & Style
15 Minimalist Piercings for Artful Rebels

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Piercings are the body modification that's taking front and center right now, with the focus mainly on ear lobes -- along with a few unexpected places. And the trend to follow when it comes to piercings: rocking a minimalist feel. These beautiful adornments are delicately placed in some supremely cool spots. As the trend grows, more and more people are willing to try piercings in new places on the earlobe. And the results? Absolutely stunning. 

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A basic lobe piercing will always look fantastic, but when paired with another on the ear or beyond, it takes on a new feel. A cluster of small, delicate piercings can lend an air of cool, tough-girl chic. Or simply bring attention to the face. So where to begin?

Dermals? Tragus? The Double Helix? We explored the various lobe adornments and can safely report that there are many ways these piercings can look absolutely flawless. We took a look at some our favorite dermal and body piercings, to help our readers decide which may be worth trying. Every single one has that simple yet stunning look and is sure to make a woman the coolest mom in the room. Not sure where to take the leap? Take a look at our list for some delicate ear-piercing inspiration.

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