40 Epic Best Friend Tattoos for Women & Their Soul Sisters

Kayla Boyd | Jun 8, 2018 Beauty & Style
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  • Diamond Best Friend Tattoos


    "For life" is a simple phrase, but still so meaningful. These finger tattoos are super sweet and the diamond illustrations add a really nice touch! 

  • Bomb Best Friend Tattoos


    When two best friends know they're "the bomb" why not get it symbolized in ink! These bomb tattoos are perfect for a couple of bombshell BFF's. 

  • CatDog Best Friend Tattoos


    CatDog has some great nostalgia to it if that happens to appeal to any 90's babies out there. This goofy cartoon is a fun idea for best friends. 

  • Cacti Best Friend Tattoos


    Cacti in fedora pots ... we're here for it! These creative illustrations are a great example of making the tattoos their own and although it's unusual, we're sure it's perfect for these two besties. 

  • Roses Best Friend Tattoos


    A single rose is a beautiful tattoo idea, but it's even better when it matches a loved one. These matching hand tattoos are perfection. 

  • Fox & Hound Best Friend Tattoos


    Disney's The Fox and the Hound is a classic duo that is a sweet representation of friendship. These cute illustrations turned out so good!  

  • Pineapple Best Friend Tattoos


    These intricate pineapple designs have great details. To make them even more special, the jewels in the center are each of their birthstones. 

  • Pinky Promises Best Friend Tattoos


    Pink promises are a classic best friend symbol, so these tattoos were such a great idea. Adorable! 

  • Birdie Best Friend Tattoos


    These matching bird tattoos are minimal and gorgeous. This Instagram user wrote: 

    "Bird tattoo meaning: symbols of freedom & ultimate liberty of the soul and mind."

  • Spongebob & Patrick Best Friend Tattoos


    The iconic duo of Spongebob and Patrick make an awesome tattoo idea for close friends! These vibrant illustrations are even more eye-catching because of the bright colors and flowers. We also  love the way the two cartoon characters are talking to each other on shell phones! 

  • Whimsical Best Friend Tattoos


    Sometimes an elegant, whimsical matching design is the perfect thing for two best friends to get inked. This floral butterfly design is very pretty and looks great on both of them! 

  • Stick Figure Best Friend Tattoos


    This stick figure appears to be walking across these three besties' ankles and it's so clever! Having tattoos that connect when shown side-by-side is a really awesome way to take a design to the next level. 

  • Infinity Heart Best Friend Tattoos


    Squad tattoos are also a really fun way to show dedication to a group of besties. These four ladies got an infinity sign with a heart, which is simple and perfect for a small wrist tattoo. 

  • Corkscrew Best Friend Tattoos


    This tattoo idea is perfect for wine lovers! The infinity sign and corkscrew are super cute and these besties also added the year they became friends. 

  • Thor & Loki Best Friend Tattoos


    Marvel fans will love this! These Thor and Loki helmets are so creative and a great way to show a bond as unbreakable as siblings (even when one of the two seems to get into a lot of trouble). 

  • Sloth Best Friend Tattoos


    These quirky sloth tattoos are so unique and adorable. It's always nice to think outside the box when it comes to getting new ink, especially if there is something unusual that bff's like or remind each other of. 

  • Wild & Safe Best Friend Tattoos


    These complementing quote tattoos are perfect for the "wild" friend and the more "responsible" friend. We also like how they added a sun and a moon. Opposites sure can go great together! 

  • Infinity Best Friend Tattoos


    Infinity symbols are a nice way to say "friends forever." These ones are also designed to look like arrows. Too cute. 

  • "Forever" Best Friend Tattoos


    These pretty wrist tattoos illustrate the two friends swinging together when shown side-by-side. The word "Forever" is elegantly scripted next to cartoon likenesses of each other -- how cute is that?

  • "No Matter What" Best Friend Tattoos


    These matching "No Matter What" tattoos are simple and cute with a lot of meaning. This Instagrammer captioned the photo: "No matter what God decides to do in our lives and no matter where He ends up taking us, you will always be my gal pal." 

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  • Night and Day Best Friend Tattoos


    "You're stuck with me forever just like the sun and moon, I love you," wrote this Instagram user. Instead of getting a matching tattoo, you and your best friend could also get images that complement one another -- like this beautiful sun and moon.

  • Anime Best Friend Tattoos


    If you and your squad bond over certain interests, then that could be a great way to determine a group tattoo. These ladies got shoulder tattoos of the same Studio Ghibli anime character in different poses.

  • "Promise" Best Friend Tattoos


    These ladies pinkie-promised to be friends forever -- and they got the ink to prove it. Their matching "Promise" tattoos are customized with their own different-colored hearts and are placed perfectly along the sides of their pinkie fingers. 

  • One Call Away Best Friend Tattoos


    Connecting tattoos are also a really cute idea. This group of three used stick drawings of themselves, connected by a string telephone.