40 Epic Best Friend Tattoos for Women & Their Soul Sisters

Kayla Boyd | Jun 8, 2018 Beauty & Style
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  • Night and Day Best Friend Tattoos


    "You're stuck with me forever just like the sun and moon, I love you," wrote this Instagram user. Instead of getting a matching tattoo, you and your best friend could also get images that complement one another -- like this beautiful sun and moon.

  • Anime Best Friend Tattoos


    If you and your squad bond over certain interests, then that could be a great way to determine a group tattoo. These ladies got shoulder tattoos of the same Studio Ghibli anime character in different poses.

  • "Promise" Best Friend Tattoos


    These ladies pinkie-promised to be friends forever -- and they got the ink to prove it. Their matching "Promise" tattoos are customized with their own different-colored hearts and are placed perfectly along the sides of their pinkie fingers. 

  • One Call Away Best Friend Tattoos


    Connecting tattoos are also a really cute idea. This group of three used stick drawings of themselves, connected by a string telephone. 

  • Peas and Carrots Best Friend Tattoos


    Even veggies can make awesome tattoos for you and your best friend. This pea pod and carrot are high-fiving when held side-by-side, and it's honestly the cutest thing. 

  • PB&J Best Friend Tattoos


    If you and your best friend are as good together as peanut butter and jelly, then you might as well show it off! These tattoos are so cute they actually make you want to get a sandwich inked on your arm. They're even personalized by adding the two halves of a heart with each other's initial on it. 

  • Anchor Best Friend Tattoos


    Even something very minimal can be the best way to show your appreciation for each other. These small anchor tats can be placed anywhere you or your friend(s) want them, and they symbolize the sense of stability that you give to each other. 

  • Going the Distance Best Friend Tattoos


    These besties got the latitude and longitude coordinates of the town where they became friends! Not only is this the most adorable idea ever, but it also has a very clean and simple look to it. Obsessed. 

  • Complementary Best Friend Tattoos


    These best friends did the sweetest thing by naming something they like about each other and tattooing it on their arms. The elegant font is also layered with a matching flower on both of the tattoos, which gives it some color. 

  • Finishing Sentences Best Friend Tattoos


    If you and your gal pal are known for finishing each other's sentences, then this might be the tattoo for you. This "Winnie the Pooh" quote starts on one friend's wrist and ends on the other's.

  • Potterhead Best Friend Tattoos


    If you and your best friend bonded over your longing to attend Hogwarts, this could be the perfect way to say you'll "Always" be friends. These ladies cleverly replaced the "A" with the Deathly Hallows symbol. 

  • Sailor Moon Best Friend Tattoos


    These colorful Sailor Moon thigh tattoos are amazing because it looks like they are the same image captured from different sides of the heart. It's a fun way for both people to show off their friendship and their favorite characters.

  • Avocado Best Friend Tattoos


    If your love for each other is as strong as your love for avocado toast, then here you go. These BFFs each got a tattoo of an avocado that's been sliced in half. One got the pit and the other got little star details. 

  • Tea Time Best Friend Tattoos


    These "Tea for Two" foot tattoos are so vibrant and fun. One features the teapot while the other features the teacup, making it the perfect way to show your bestie that she is your cup of tea.


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