If You Hate Shopping for Work Clothes, We Found the Brand for You

MM LaFleur
Contrary to popular belief, not all women love to shop. If retail therapy isn't your thing and you're in a profession that keeps you too busy to search for work attire, then MM.LaFleur was made for you. 


MM.LaFleur is an e-commerce and personal styling service for professional women who want a basic work uniform without the hassle of shopping for one (and then spending way too much time picking out an outfit in the morning).

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Founded by Miyako Nakamura, Sarah LaFleur, and Narie Foster, the fashion company is based around the idea that women should be able to get ready for work as seamlessly as men do when they pick out their basic suites and ties.


This is not to say that working women don't still want to look chic and stylish, but some ladies just don't want to expend all of the extra energy on it. Because let's face it -- getting ready in the morning can be a long process.

"For some women, buying clothes is just not a priority for one reason or another, but it doesn't mean that they don't care about good style or looking elegant," LaFleur said in an interview with Fast Company.

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So how do they achieve this magical process? Of course you can just purchase their fashionable, yet practical, work pieces online, but you can also have them pick out everything for you. With what they call the "Bento Box," you can receive curated wardrobe pieces selected just for you and mailed to your home. Then, you decide what you want to purchase and mail back what you don't want. 

mm lafleur

According to their website, each box contains four to six wardrobe staples that might include dresses, separates, knits, or accessories and prices range from $110 for a top to $325 for a statement dress.

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