Your Armpits Aren’t the Only Part of Your Body That Need Extra Attention During the Summer

With summer comes sweat, and with sweat comes discomfort and odor. But if you think underarm deodorant is all you need, think again.


Did you know your intimate area has its own perfect pH level? And that things like having your period, wearing tight clothes (hello, bathing suits!), and even using other body washes can disrupt that delicate balance?

Well, if you’ve ever had vaginal odor, irritation, or other discomfort, an out-of-whack pH could be to blame. But you don’t have to suffer with that unpleasantness anymore, especially during the summer when you want to feel fresh and comfortable every day, no matter what the weather, or what activities are on your agenda.

Vagisil’s pH Balance Wash with Lactoprebiotic can be used daily to help you maintain a healthy pH level for your intimate area leaving you feeling fresh and confident, even during the hottest (and sweatiest) months of the year. Use it after your early-morning run, before a cutthroat game of badminton at the company picnic, and in anticipation of spending a weekend at the campsite with no shower. Just because your hair is disheveled and there’s dirt between your toes doesn’t mean you can’t feel fresh somewhere! There’s no room for shame in this game, so head out with confidence and have the best summer ever.

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