25 Outfits All Plus-Size Nerdy Babes Will Adore

Image: Torrid

torrid harry potter
If your schoolday experiences were anything like mine, chances are you were called a "nerd" on a regular basis. Maybe it was your chunky glasses or your encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel characters that gave it away. The term might've been cause for bullying or general shaming back then, but plus-size nerd clothing circa 2017 is one surefire way to start reclaiming it (if you haven't already). 


Much is often said about the evolution of plus-size fashion in recent years. Although a lot of positive, progressive improvements remain to be seen, the availability of nerd-wear above a size 14 has definitely made strides. Even if I'd wanted to wear my love of Harry Potter on my sleeve as a young teen, the simple truth is that I probably couldn't have. My soft arms, broad shoulders, and wobbly tummy never did fit into those junior's section Gryffindor tops, after all.

With adulthood (hopefully) comes wisdom, though -- and part of that wisdom can be owning your plus-size nerdiness with unapologetic flair. If you're ready to rock the hell out of a Wonder Woman romper or fess up to your love of quantum mechanics, look no further than these 25 styles. 

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