40 Wedding Band Tattoos for Truly Committed Couples

Michele Zipp | Mar 23, 2018 Beauty & Style
40 Wedding Band Tattoos for Truly Committed Couples

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There is nothing that says "forever" quite like a tattoo. Which is why getting a wedding band tattoo is just about the most die-hard romantic thing lovers can do for one another. Whether we are getting married under law or just in our own hearts, these beautiful design ideas will have us contemplating which ring finger tattoo suits us and our uniquely wonderful love story best. The possibilities are truly endless, and totally personal to our own relationship. How sweet!

For most people, picking out the perfect wedding rings usually does take some time and consideration. After all, they're designed to last a lifetime, forevermore, and for all the days of our life. So just as couples who choose traditional gold or silver wedding bands take their time picking and choosing, we might want to do lots of "shopping" for the perfect tattoo wedding band inspiration as well. There are just so many ways to go! 

From simple or ornate to exactly matching or simply complementary, tattoo wedding rings may fade (like most finger tattoos), but they'll never really go away. They're ours to keep and we'll carry them with us for a lifetime. Wedding ring tattoos are the ultimate symbol of an undying love and are one of the most badass ways to say we'll love someone forever. Even just the act of getting a tattoo in place of a ring is so much more romantic!

For some wedding band tattoo inspiration, read ahead! 


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