15 Fast Hairstyle Hacks for Moms on the Go

Kayla Boyd | Jul 10, 2017 Beauty & Style
15 Fast Hairstyle Hacks for Moms on the Go
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It's no secret that moms are amazing multitaskers and professionals at running around. Whether it's school related, a doctor's appointment, work, meetings, or an extracurricular activity, moms are always balancing multiple schedules -- but that doesn't mean you can't still look cute while on the go. 

Sometimes during a hectic morning it feels like you can make time for makeup or hair, but not both. So here are 15 hair hacks that just take a minute or two so you can look and feel great for a busy day. 

  • Classic Messy Bun


    Of course the messy bun is very "been there done this," but it should not be underestimated. This look can be super glamorous when you need it to be. Gently tug at sections of the bun to loosen it up for maximum messiness. You can also take a chunk of hair, twist it, wrap it around the bottom, and bobby pin it in for a more "neat" look.

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  • Twist It Back


    This is slightly more involved than the half-up half-down, but it only takes a couple minutes more. You can twist back the front sections of your hair for an easy hair headband that looks really professional, as shown in this tutorial. 

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  • Side Braid


    Braids are always a great way to keep your hair out of your face, and a dramatic side braid can look really chic. If you're able to french braid or dutch braid your own hair, then you can start at the opposite side of your head and form a braid crown down into a long, loose braid. If you can't, no worries; this still looks cute with a regular loose braid -- just use a headband or bobby pins to keep it out of the way. 

  • Half Up, Half Down


    Just divide your hair in half, brush back the top, and put in a high ponytail. This will give your hair layers and make it look full, while still keeping it out of your face. 

  • Knotted Bun


    You can literally tie your hair in knots to create a cute bun and it's not as scary as it sounds. Check out the tutorial.

  • Simple Side Pin


    If you're really short on time then you can just pull a front section of hair to the side for a cute side pin. This can be with bobby pins, decorative pins, or small hair clips and it takes two seconds. 

  • Topknot It


    Similar to a messy bun, this hairstyle is a little more tightly wound and placed higher on your head.

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  • Twisted Ponytail


    This is a great way to add some more style to a basic ponytail. It just takes one extra step to bring your low ponytail to a whole new level. 

  • Add a Scarf


    You can transform an outfit by adding a scarf; if you wear it on your head, then you can even hide a bad hair day. Make a bow on top, let it dangle down the side, or use it to cover the whole top of your head like a bandana ... there are so many possibilities with this one. 

  • Space Buns


    This trendy hairstyle is fun and easy. Just part your hair down the middle and make two messy buns. It's more common for them to be high up on your head, but they can be positioned lower for a more subtle look. 

  • Fishtail Braid


    This may look more complicated than a regular braid, but it's surprisingly not much more difficult at all and it doesn't take long to do. 

  • Two Tight Braids


    If you're a decent braider, the two-braids look is great for summer (if not, then check out this tutorial). It keeps your hair off your neck on hot days. Also, depending on your hair type, this hairstyle could be done the night before and probably still be good to go the next morning. 

  • Headband Tuck


    This is just as easy as it sounds. All you do is place a headband over your head and tuck your hair over the headband. It will probably need to be secured with bobby pins, but it can look as messy or as neat as you want it. 

  • Low Braided Bun


    You can also take a basic braid and simply wrap it up in a bun. It's simple, but it turns out looking like a really elegant updo. The braided texture adds more detail and dimension to the bun, and there are multiple ways to do it

  • Braided Headband


    To create a headband with your hair, you can add a braid to your crown. After that, the possibilities are endless ... you can pull the rest into a ponytail, a bun, or leave it down. 


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