50 Zodiac Tattoos That Are Out of This World

Kayla Boyd | May 9, 2018 Beauty & Style
50 Zodiac Tattoos That Are Out of This World

zodiac sign tattoo

For believers in the stars, zodiac signs can be used to help people understand how they're feeling, who they're compatible with, and how lucky their week is going to be. But, perhaps what people get most out of their astrological signs is the small personality validations that come with each. Perhaps that's why folks are so keen on getting ink of their own sign -- after all, what's more personal than a tattoo that subtly details to the world exactly who we feel we are?

Zodiac tattoos are cool because not only are they representative of oneself or a loved one, but there are also so many different ways to interpret them into art. For example, a black and white symbol could be the perfect minimalist tattoo. Or for those who want a more bold approach, there are plenty of watercolor designs and nature illustrations, and even some more abstract ink ideas that can incorporate a zodiac sign. 

There are also different ways to display the symbol itself. Some use the constellation, some use the simplified symbol, still more incorporate the corresponding element or planet, and others use a more illustrated symbol -- like a crab for a Cancer or a scorpion for a Scorpio. There are so many cool ways to turn a zodiac sign into some fun new ink!

Here are 50 awesome zodiac tattoos for people who are proud of their astrological signs. 

Double Heart Zodiac Tattoo

  • Watercolor Animals Zodiac Tattoo


    Who said we can only tattoo one zodiac sign? It's a fun idea to do a combo tattoo of several loved ones' zodiac signs and even add some awesome watercolor effects to it. The vibrant colors really make this one stand out.

  • Mixture of Elements Zodiac Tattoo


    There are multiple ways to illustrate a zodiac sign, so consider combining them all in a design. This beautiful Pisces tattoo uses the basic symbol of the sign, an illustration of the two fish, and other related images all tied together with connecting dots and borders that resemble a constellation.

  • Flower Power Zodiac Tattoo


    A favorite flower is a great way to add some color to a zodiac symbol. This one uses bright yellow daisies and vines to add some dimension for a fiery Leo.

  • Super Simple Zodiac Tattoo


    Zodiac signs make great tiny tattoos. This small, basic Sagittarius symbol is simple enough for an ankle or wrist.

  • Behind-the-Ear Zodiac Tattoo


    Also along the lines of simplicity is this behind-the-ear zodiac symbol. This Virgo tattoo does an excellent job of making a statement in a very subtle way. 

  • Star Studded Zodiac Tattoo


    This edgy Aries tattoo has stars surrounding it and some 3D effects to give it extra personality. 

  • Vibrant Zodiac Tattoo


    Add some favorite colors to make a zodiac tattoo pop. These blues and greens really brighten up the Aquarius symbol. The cooler hues are great for water or air signs. 

  • Spelled Out Zodiac Tattoo


    Instead of using the symbol, the astrological sign can be written out. This Capricorn finger tattoo is placed perfectly.

  • Crabby Cancer Zodiac Tattoo


    A lot of the zodiac signs' symbols are animals, which always make cute tattoo ideas. This colorful crab is a timeless idea for a Cancer.

  • Elaborate and Whimsical Zodiac Tattoo


    This Taurus tattoo depicts the bull symbol in a really pretty way by adding a lot of color and intricate design, much like a sugar skull.

  • Kitty Cat Zodiac Tattoo


    Use a cat obsession to design a zodiac tattoo. This Gemini symbol is surrounded by an outline of a pair of cute cats, and they actually complement each other really well.

  • Labeled Line Drawing Zodiac Tattoo


    This Libra tattoo just uses basic line work, but it's so cute. It incorporates the symbol and the sign spelled out underneath in a very clean layout. 

  • Delicate Finger Symbol Zodiac Tattoo


    A zodiac symbol on the inside of a finger is a very minimalist and delicate tattoo idea.

  • Crowned Zodiac Tattoo


    Decorate a zodiac sign with other little symbols, like this fabulous crown. It adds an extra personal touch to the Scorpio symbol. Slay, queen. 

  • Mermaid Zodiac Tattoo


    Those living their best mermaid life can incorporate that into a zodiac tattoo. This Capricorn mermaid illustration has the goat horns and the Capricorn symbol on her arm. Super creative.

  • Rainbow Painted Butterfly Zodiac Tattoo


    This rainbow watercolor piece is amazing! The details in the butterfly look incredible with the zodiac sign incorporated in the middle. The vibrant colors just really take it to another level.

  • Family Symbols Zodiac Tattoo


    This is a cool way to combine the zodiac signs of multiple family members. Going down the spine like this may hurt, but it looks so clean and awesome! 

  • Elegant Scorpio Zodiac Tattoo


    A lot of Scorpios choose a scorpion tattoo as a symbol of their star sign. This one gets a romantic touch with the addition of a pretty rose and has delicate line work and shading.  

  • Two-Faced Zodiac Tattoo


    This Gemini thigh tattoo is so creative! We could see this art piece hanging in a museum.

  • Ankle Constellation Zodiac Tattoo


    A small constellation tattoo is a super cute option for a zodiac tattoo. The ankle makes a good spot for a tiny tattoo like this because it's easily concealed if needed, but also fun to show off during the warmer months. 

  • Moon & Sign Zodiac Tattoo


    A moon goes well with the cosmic nature of a zodiac tattoo, so it only makes sense that these two finger tattoos would look great next to each other. This is definitely a cool idea! 

  • Colorfully Detailed Zodiac Tattoo


    This Cancer tattoo skillfully incorporates a crab, a moon, and some lovely colors. It flows very nicely together and its shoulder placement means it can get shown off by wearing an off-the-shoulder dress. 

  • Arrow Zodiac Tattoo


    This Sagittarius constellation looks really interesting when overlapped with an arrow. The arm placement works really great for this delicate design. 

  • Dated Zodiac Tattoo


    We love the ancient stone look of this Gemini tattoo. Incorporating a name and a birthday is a nice way to commemorate a loved one. 

  • Watercolor Symbol Zodiac Tattoo


    A simple zodiac symbol can be jazzed up with a splash of watercolor! Here, blue and purple ink really make the Aries symbol pop. 

  • Swirly Cancer Zodiac Tattoo


    There are many different ways to switch up a common design. This crab tattoo incorporates the Cancer zodiac symbol in the middle and the adds some unique swirl designs to the not-so-typical crustacean. 

  • Framed Zodiac Tattoo


    This tattoo artist wrote, "Fun inner bicep today, his kid's [sic] zodiac signs." That's a pretty awesome design to represent someone's kids. The illustration is both modern and timeless -- the border reminds us of an antique mirror.

  • Double Heart Zodiac Tattoo


    This zodiac tattoo shows another unique way of combining multiple astrological signs. The double hearts drawn with one line looks so cute. 

  • Elbow Zodiac Tattoo


    The elbow is a spot that we don't always think about when planning a tattoo, but it obviously can work really well. This small zodiac design is actually a hand poked tattoo, which gives it that cool sketched look. 

  • Dainty Constellation Tattoo


    A zodiac tattoo doesn't have to be big and bold; it can look just as mystical in a small and dainty design. This constellation is really pretty and feminine. 

  • Purple Scorpio Zodiac Tattoo


    Using one's favorite color is always a good way to infuse personality into a tattoo. This Scorpio symbol was done in a really pretty shade of purple. The scorpion overlapping the symbol adds some dimension to the design.

  • Aries Skull Zodiac Tattoo


    This dark tattoo is very artistic and witchy. The skull subtly incorporates the Aries sign, and the pop of color in the flowers is so well done, it looks stunning.

  • Pisces Mermaid Tail Zodiac Tattoo


    Since the Pisces element is water, a mermaid tail is very fitting! We love how this design uses delicate dots and lines to connect the tail to the zodiac sign in a very fluid design. 

  • Abstract Zodiac Tattoo


    This abstract tattoo is very reminiscent of the solar system. The warm colors are like the sun, while the combination of small dots could be stars. According to the caption, it's an Aries tattoo, perhaps because the swirl design also resembles the shape of a ram's horn.

  • Detailed Scorpion Zodiac Tattoo


    This scorpion tattoo makes great use of bold colors and clean line work. The black and gray ink are used very strategically, while the red and yellow give it vibrance. 

  • Scattered Stars Zodiac Tattoo


    This Sagittarius non-connecting constellation is really cute! It was this woman's first tattoo, and she captioned it on Instagram with a Vincent Van Gogh quote: “For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”

  • Round Taurus Zodiac Tattoo


    This Taurus tattoo plays off of the symbol with its overall shape, but cleverly uses the animal's profile to do so. We love how seemingly simple, yet very thoughtful this design is. 

  • Minimalist Sign Zodiac Tattoos


    Sometimes just the symbol in black ink does the trick! These minimalist arm tattoos are really cute and they have a similar line style that makes them coordinate. 

  • Rainbow Constellation Zodiac Tattoo


    This Aquarius constellation is so pretty the way it tastefully fades into each color of the rainbow. The small typewriter font used also works really well with this design. 

  • Gem(ini) Floral Zodiac Tattoo


    The giant gem in this Gemini tattoo is a fun play on words. But, what's really striking about this tattoo is the gorgeous combination of flowers and leaves. 

  • Multi-Sign Spine Zodiac Tattoo


    This spine tattoo has many different zodiac signs represented and instead of just simple symbols, the artist used more detailed illustrations. It makes a very big statement! 

  • Cutesy Zodiac Tattoos


    This person shared on Instagram: "I got these first tattoos for my birthday. These are my grandparents' zodiacs made with my own design. My grandparents raised me since when I was baby, even when I was depressed, they tried to make the best out of it. I miss my grandfather so much."

    That's so sweet! 

  • Aries Dotwork Zodiac Tattoo


    This Aries tattoo has so much small detail that really makes it look amazing. Its precise dot work and lettering give it a very ancient feel.

  • Natural Landscape Zodiac Tattoo


    The mountain at the top of this Taurus symbol is so majestic and beautiful. This tattoo is done in a traditional style and has very intricate shading and strategic use of space. 

  • Thin Lined Zodiac Tattoo


    The thin lines give this Sagittarius tattoo a more delicate look. The curvy lines play into that nicely. It's very cute!

  • Mandala Zodiac Tattoo


    Mandala designs make very pretty tattoos, and this one creatively incorporates the Gemini sign with two women facing each other. It looks very whimsical. 

  • Rocket Ship Zodiac Tattoo


    This playful animated design is adorable! The little rocket ship and planets are surrounding a constellation of the bearer's zodiac sign, Capricorn. 

  • Neotraditional Zodiac Tattoo


    "Ram head to represent her daughter," this tattoo artist wrote of his client's Aries tattoo. The deep reds give this zodiac tattoo a warm feeling, and the incorporation of her name make it ultra personal. 

  • Feminine Chain Zodiac Tattoo


    This chain tattoo looks like a dangling belt when placed on the hip. It's elegant and uses multiple zodiac symbols as ornaments.

  • Cherry Blossom Zodiac Tattoo


    This Pisces symbol gets glammed up by gems and pretty pink blossoms hanging off it. It's so gorgeous!


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