50 Zodiac Tattoos That Are Out of This World

zodiac sign tattoo

For believers in the stars, zodiac signs can be used to help people understand how they're feeling, who they're compatible with, and how lucky their week is going to be. But, perhaps what people get most out of their astrological signs is the small personality validations that come with each. Perhaps that's why folks are so keen on getting ink of their own sign -- after all, what's more personal than a tattoo that subtly details to the world exactly who we feel we are?


Zodiac tattoos are cool because not only are they representative of oneself or a loved one, but there are also so many different ways to interpret them into art. For example, a black and white symbol could be the perfect minimalist tattoo. Or for those who want a more bold approach, there are plenty of watercolor designs and nature illustrations, and even some more abstract ink ideas that can incorporate a zodiac sign. 

There are also different ways to display the symbol itself. Some use the constellation, some use the simplified symbol, still more incorporate the corresponding element or planet, and others use a more illustrated symbol -- like a crab for a Cancer or a scorpion for a Scorpio. There are so many cool ways to turn a zodiac sign into some fun new ink!

Here are 50 awesome zodiac tattoos for people who are proud of their astrological signs. 

Double Heart Zodiac Tattoo