50 Rose Tattoos That Capture Timeless Beauty

Michele Zipp | Mar 30, 2018 Beauty & Style
50 Rose Tattoos That Capture Timeless Beauty

rose tattoo

Flowers make the best tattoos, and the rose may be the most perfect one. With its symbolism deeply rooted in love, the rose is timeless -- forever beautiful and intriguing. In red, the rose is classic. In black, it feels mysterious. In other colors, it's joyful. In any form, it is just beautiful. Whether in a large design or tiny form, the rose tattoo is always perfectly sweet and never fails. 

A rose is also a great complement to another tattoo idea one may have. It can be used to cover something up, fill blank space on a sleeve, add dimension to an elaborate design, or just stand on its own to make a statement. 

Roses can be done in a classic style, a more fantastical one, or even something that looks modern and fresh. The options are really limitless. Roses can be used for quote tattoos, tribute tattoos, and as accents to a unique illustration. The black and white tattoos with roses are just as striking as the ones with vivid colors. There are style possibilities for pretty much any tattoo lover. 

This collection is like a 50 flower bouquet ... to inspire someone's next tattoo! 

rose thigh tattoo


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