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50 Rose Tattoos That Capture Timeless Beauty

rose tattoo

Flowers make the best tattoos, and the rose may be the most perfect one. With its symbolism deeply rooted in love, the rose is timeless -- forever beautiful and intriguing. In red, the rose is classic. In black, it feels mysterious. In other colors, it's joyful. In any form, it is just beautiful. Whether in a large design or tiny form, the rose tattoo is always perfectly sweet and never fails. 

A rose is also a great complement to another tattoo idea one may have. It can be used to cover something up, fill blank space on a sleeve, add dimension to an elaborate design, or just stand on its own to make a statement. 

Roses can be done in a classic style, a more fantastical one, or even something that looks modern and fresh. The options are really limitless. Roses can be used for quote tattoos, tribute tattoos, and as accents to a unique illustration. The black and white tattoos with roses are just as striking as the ones with vivid colors. There are style possibilities for pretty much any tattoo lover. 

This collection is like a 50 flower bouquet ... to inspire someone's next tattoo! 

rose thigh tattoo

1Less Is More Rose Tattoo

Not coloring in the rose, with just the right amount of soft shading, this tattoo style is a must for the minimalist who wants something a little bigger. 

2Intersecting Roses Tattoo

Two tiny stemmed roses look lovely in this crisscross design. We love the placement as well.

3Realistic and Red Rose Tattoo

This tiny rose is perfectly red and those light green leaves really makes this tattoo feel realistic and fresh.

5Sprigs and Roses Tattoo

This gorgeously placed floral design features a rose plus other flowers. It's so elegant.

6Curvy Rose Tattoo

This rose, just waiting to fully bud, in all black is simply gorgeous. It's that curved placement that makes it truly a standout.

7Yellow Burst Rose Tattoo

The sweetness of the yellow rose is only made sweeter by the fact that the vine says "Mum" in the tattoo recipient's mother's handwriting.

8Double Love Rose Tattoos

These two incredible rose tattoos are just beyond. It takes a very skilled artist to create something this lovely.

9Thigh High Rose Tattoo

This yellow rose is an excellent adornment for the thigh -- and more proof that flower tattoos will always be supreme.

10Touch of Pink Rose Tattoo

The pink hue used in this beautifully detailed tattoo looks lovely with the shades of green in the leaves.

11Beautiful Blue Rose Tattoo

Adding a geometric pattern around the classic rose takes it to another level, along with that gorgeous blue color.

13Highly Pigmented Rose Tattoo

These purple roses are fantastic with their white highlights set among the green leaves. The blue background totally makes it pop!

14Single Rose Tattoo

This rose with just a touch of green in its leaves is as alluring as it is bold. 

15Soft Rose Tattoo

With a watercolor feel, these roses are so soft and romantic. You can almost feel the silky petals. 

16Dark & Mysterious Rose Tattoo

In all black, this rose tattoo captures the beauty of a rose along with its mystery.

17Vibrant Bouquet Rose Tattoo

This is a lovely forever bouquet and shows how everything -- even the leaves -- can be in your most favorite colors. 

18Abstract Rose Tattoo

Who says a rose tattoo has to perfectly embody a real rose? This artsy take is just as beautiful and powerful as the real thing. 

19Baby Roses Tattoo

A tiny bundle is the perfect tattoo for anywhere, and we love it here on the ankle.

21Contrasting Roses Tattoo

These bright shades of blue and red really complement each other. This vibrant tattoo is a perfect arm piece for people who love bright colored tattoos. 

22Bumble Bee & Rose Tattoo

A yellow bumble bee is the perfect add-on to any red rose tattoo. These warm colors work so nicely together. 

23Spine Rose Tattoo

The placement of this single rose tattoo is perfection. It looks so pristine and feminine. 

24Classic Rose Tattoo

Another great place for a single rose tattoo is on the side of one's arm. This classic red rose placed near the wrist is so delicate and beautiful. 

25Inspirational Quote Rose Tattoo

Quotes and flowers always look great together for tattoos. This simple quote decorated with the arrows and rose ties together so well. 

26Tea Cup of Roses Tattoo

This tea cup of roses is a very cute idea. There is also floral details on the cup itself -- love it! 

27Wanderlust Rose Tattoo

Incorporating aspects of travel and adventure also goes great with a rose tattoo. This person has a beautiful compass, anchor, and feather going up their arm up with their roses. 

28Butterfly & Rose Tattoo

This bright rose is perfectly accented with a butterfly on this person's shoulder. We're obsessed with the fun colors! 

29Foot & Leg Rose Tattoo

The placement of these roses is phenomenal. It flows so nicely from the foot, up the ankle and leg. 

30Stylized Rose Tattoo

This rose tattoo has a lot of personal flair. It incorporates soft colors, black ink effects, and a quote. 

31Galactic Rose Tattoo

These shades of blue are so pretty together. This rose tattoo is giving us major galaxy vibes. 

32Wonderland Rose Tattoo

This person added some gray scale roses below an Alice in Wonderland tattoo. It looks enchanting. 

33Feminie Rose Tattoo

This peach manicure and gorgeous rose tattoo look so feminine and pretty together! It's such a cohesive aesthetic. 

34Back Ankle Rose Tattoo

The back of an ankle is also a clever placement for a single rose. This one is small and simple. 

35Timely Rose Tattoo

This stopwatch tattoo is brought to life with two roses and a rosary necklace. They flow together very nicely. 

36Neo-Traditional Rose Tattoo

This neo-traditional rose tattoo incorporates a message bottle for a vintage feel. It also plays off of bold lines and vivid colors. 

37Bold Hand Rose Tattoo

For anyone dying to get a hand tattoo, this rose is a great idea. The colors and placement are so surreal.

38Mandala Rose Tattoo

This mandala design is amazing and the way it differs in style from the red rose really makes it pop! This tattoo has a 3D feel to it. 

39Stars & Roses Tattoo

This tattoo incorporates simple stars and pretty roses with initials. It's a very whimsical design. 

40Simple Side Rose Tattoo

This black rose tattoo may be simple but it's still striking! The double roses on her side are very elegant. 

41Clock Work Rose Tattoo

The heart-shaped clock adds a personal touch to this thigh tattoo. The roses sprouting from the background tie in beautifully with the chosen font for the quote. 

42Dagger & Roses Tattoo

This tattoo mixes hard and soft elements. It encompasses a dagger, a snake, and roses in vibrant colors. 

43Shaded & Faded Rose Tattoo

This tattoo has a lot of shaded and faded details that give it a very unique look. It comes together so perfectly. 

44Stylist Rose Tattoo

This rose is overlapped with stylist shears for a hairdresser! Tattoos with meaning are always the best ones. 

45Little Lion Rose Tattoo

This cute little lion illustration has a feisty side to it. The colors of the hearts and the roses really play off of the warm colors of the lion. 

46UFO Rose Tattoo

This UFO and floral piece is very cool. It uses a combination of different flowers, such as sunflowers and roses, to add a feminine touch to a sci-fi vibe. 

47Hand Heart Rose Tattoo

This design is so clever. The single rose tattoo is being held by hands, which are simultaneously making a heart and raising their middle fingers. We're here for it. 

48Dew Drops Rose Tattoo

The drops of dew on this rose tattoo make it look so realistic! The colors and details are so amazing. 

49Delicate Rose Tattoo

This thigh rose tattoo is so delicate and beautiful. It looks straight out of a vintage storybook. 


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