There's Now a Bikini Made Out of Actual Pizza & We Have So Many Questions

pizza bikini
Villa Italian Kitchen/Facebook

I'm just gonna say it: 2017 has been a weird AF year. In a way, it makes complete and total sense that there is a now a bikini made out of actual pepperoni pizza. Why not?

  • Villa Italian Kitchen announced that it's offering customers a chance to be "fitted" by a food stylist and wear their fave pizza.

    Is it fitted before it's cooked? Do you let it bake while you're relaxing in the sun? Will the grease clog our pores? 

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  • We honestly don't know the answers to any of these burning questions. But we DO know this opportunity will cost you $10,000.

  • You better brace yourselves -- it is only available for order on July 5 and we're *sure* it is going to sell out.

    (And yes, we had the same reaction too.)

  • May I offer you an alternative? It's not edible, but it's entirely less disgusting.

    Plus it only costs $64 -- which is a steal, comparatively. 

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