A Customizable Unicorn Coat May Be the Weirdest & Most Magical Thing You'll See Today


In a world that takes fashion entirely too seriously, it is nice to know that there are still folks who proudly let their freak flag fly high. Enter Buffoonery Factory LLC, a company that specializes in getting quirky Kickstarter attire off the ground. 

  • Buffoonery began by making hysterical Griz Coats (featured on the left) in 2012.

    weird coats
    Buffoonery Factory LLC/ Kickstarter

    And folks totally went nuts for them -- so much so that in 2013 they came back to Kickstarter with a Panda Coat (which is pretty darn adorable IMO). 

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  • By request, given the millennial obsession with all things unicorn, they fashioned this wondrous rainbow-maned spectacle.

    unicorn coat
    Buffoonery Factory LLC/ Kickstarter

    And it's pretty damn glorious. 

  • Buffoonery partnered with Brooklyn Owl to offer backers four customizable horns.

    Buffoonery Factory LLC/ KIckstarer

    They come in white, fuschia, gold, and of course, rainbow.  

  • The piercing glassy eyes are availble in pink or blue.

    Buffoonery Factory LLC/Kickstarter
  • And of course, come with a majestic rainbow tail.

    Buffoonery Factory LLC/ Kickstarter

    We offer two adult sizes; smaller fits people 5'0" to 5'8" and largerbfor people 5'6" to 6'3".

    If you're totally feeling this quirky coat, become a backer here