Outraged Mom Gets This Totally Inappropriate Ariel Swimsuit for Children Removed From Stores

ariel swimsuit
When UK resident Chelsee Mosson stopped by Asda, a local grocery store, she probably didn't think she was going to be "flashed" by Princess Ariel via a kids' swimsuit. But alas, she was, and she documented it so none of us will be able to unsee it either. 


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The outraged mom tweeted this photo of Ariel, who is missing her signature purple clamshell bra, and demanded Asda claim this mistake.

Chelsee Mosson/Twitter

The printing error is actually kind of baffling, as the model on the site featured a far more "appropriate" version of Ariel. 


"If the design was to have a bikini top sewed on to it, it should have had a bikini top printed on too just in case something like this happened," Mosson told the Mirror.

Luckily Asda pulled all of the suits from shelves and issued an apology:

"We're sorry for the printing error on the Little Mermaid swimsuit, which was caused during the production process," an Asda representative said. "It only affected a very small number of the swimsuits which were available from George, but we'd like to reassure our customers that we have removed all stock from sale and will ensure this doesn't happen again."

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