4 Fabulous Ways to Glam Up Graphic Tees

Marissa Pina/CafeMom

Marissa Pina/CafeMom

I wouldn't classify myself as a "fashionista." Partly because I just loathe that word, and partly because I'm generally a one-track-style kinda gal. Overall, my general aesthetic hasn't evolved much from my Hot Topic days. My #AllBlackEverything uniform typically involves a T-shirt-like top with jeans or leggings -- and frankly it got pretty boring.

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In order to give myself a mini "makeover," I decided to overhaul my basic tee look and glam it up with a few things I already had in my closet. And believe me -- it made a differece.

Here's how I changed the way I wear a graphic tee:

  • Of course, you'll firstly need a few graphic tees to get you started.


    You can grab your graphic T-shirts from anywhere, but I got these four from KidTeez.com. I love that they are fairly witty, simple, and reasonably priced, with shirts ranging from $15–$20 a pop. I especially love that they have a wide range of sizes that go from XS to 4XL in most styles. 

    Plus, they have options for kids and dudes, so if you wanted to totally nerd it up with matching tees, you could!

    (I'd only judge you a little bit.) 

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  • For my first look, I decided that going heavy with the layers was the best option.

    accessories shirt
    Marissa Pina/ CafeMom

    For reference, I'm in a size 2XL, which gave me a comfortable amount of room in the boobs area and was looser in the tummy area. 

    Love You A Latte Ladies Plus Size Tee ($20, KidTeez)

  • To give the tee a little more oomph, I threw a jean vest over it and tucked it into my leggings with a chunky belt.

    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    I made sure that all of my layers framed the design rather than cover it up so it was accentuated and still looks pretty casual. 

    Cropped Denim Vest ($55, Torrid), Belt (Style No Longer Available, Torrid), Leggings (Style No Longer Available, Fashion to Figure)

  • For my accessory, I decided to go a little "weird" and do a bolder dramatic piece to make the look less casual.

    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    Full disclosure: I got my feather earrings at a Renaissance faire because I am a giant nerd. 

  • Graphic tees often come in basic colors, so adding a pop of color can totally transform your look.

    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    Book Nerd Ladies Plus Size Tee ($20, KidTeez)

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  • Tucking in the shirt definitely makes a graphic tee look more polished, and the color-coordinated accessories can pull it together.

    tucked in
    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    Faux Suede Skinny Belt Set ($20, Torrid), Faux Leather Choker Set ($20, Torrid)

  • When I want to really transform a casual look into a glam one, I make it romantic with a skirt.

    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    Babes, I am going to break your heart -- I picked up this flirty skirt in a tiny shop in Brooklyn (which is officially the most hipster thing I have ever said). 

    Heart Outline Ladies Plus Size Tee ($20, KidTeez)

  • I threw on a pair of red pumps to match my lipstick and felt so put together.

    red pumps
    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    Faux Suede Platform Slide Sandals ($13, Rainbow Shops)

  • Little details like a black choker and sparkly belt added just a touch of sass.

    detail shot
    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    Faux Leather Choker Set ($20, Torrid), Belt (Style No Longer Available, Torrid)

  • My last look was total athleisure, and truly my favorite -- even though I have a fear of white T-shirts.

    Marissa Pina/ CafeMom

    Namaslay All Day Ladies Plus Size Tee ($20, KidTeez)

  • This funky cheetah print hat gave my outfit a street-style flair.

    leopard hat
    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    Cheetah Print Baseball Cap ($19, Torrid)

  • Leggings with just a touch of an accent and simple slide-on shoes kept me comfy and casual, without looking like I just rolled out of bed.

    leggings and shoes
    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    How would you glam up a basic tee?

    Plus Size Athletic Leggings with Striped Sides ($13, Rainbow Shops), Perf Leather Slip-Ons ($60, Vans)

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