15 Things Tattooed Moms Are Tired of Hearing

15 Things Tattooed Moms Are Tired of Hearing
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When a woman becomes a mother, society as a whole tends to forget that she existed before she had a child. While your priorities shift, and your ability to love grows exponentially, you're still generally the same woman with the same interests. That certainly doesn't stop people from attempting to put motherhood (and the women a part of it) into a neat little box. 

What's worse? People also have the audacity to actually tell women to their faces what motherhood "should" look like -- and that often doesn't include women with funky hair, piercings, or tattoos.

Inked moms know all too well the snide comments and sideways glances thrown their way simply for looking "different." And trust us -- they have heard it all. 

Here are 15 of the things tattooed moms hear and experience -- and are flat-out tired of. 

  • "But how can your kids take you seriously if you're covered in art?"


    HMMM, maybe because I taught them respect? Perhaps that is how? You could probably learn a thing or two from them.

  • "Aren't you worried about how you'll look at their life events like graduations and weddings?"


    I'll look exactly like the woman I always have to them, and that is all that matters. 

  • "I bet other moms are super intimidated by you."


    Well, I AM pretty freaking fabulous, so I'll give you that one. 

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  • "Aren't your kids embarrassed by them?"


    And your stained yoga pants are totally chic. *sips tea*

    They are kids. I am a mom. OF COURSE THEY ARE EMBARRASSED. My ink has nothing to do with it.

  • "Do you cover up for parent-teacher meetings?"


    Firstly, if my kids' teacher judges me on how I look, I don't want them teaching my kids. Secondly, I have tattoos, I'm not some lunatic who can't be professional. 

  • "But they just aren't feminine!"


    Please, continue to push women back 50 years by trying to define womanhood -- by all means. 

  • "Oh I could never spend that kind of money on myself!"


    Look, I am a damn good mom, and I deserve to do things for ME too. You should try it sometime, you'll be better for it. 

  • "Don't you feel guilty taking all that time for yourself?"


    Uh, NO. That keeps me and my kids sane. 

  • "Aren't you super worried about job stability?"


    No, I'm not, because everyone else isn't a judgmental jerk like you.

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  • "Did you think about how it would look *after* pregnancy?"


    ... just. NO. Don't even go there.

  • "What kind of example are you setting for your kids?"


    The kind where they are encouraged to be themselves and express themselves as they see fit. 

  • "How would you feel if your kids were covered like that?"


    When they are old enough and are assured of who they are as people, I will fully support them because I love my kids unconditionally.

  • "Did you do 'time'?"



  • "But won't the ink affect your baby?'


    Okay, first of all, NO. No, it will not. That is a super common myth and we need to squash it ... now. 

    The dangers occur when you go to unlicensed people who may use dirty needles. If you go to a reputable place, you and your future babies will be fine.  

  • "Why don't you have any tattoos that represent your kids?"


    Because I am a person who exists by herself outside of her little family. I love my children, but I love myself, too!

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