Women Are Posting Flawless Selfies to Rebel Against 'Harper's Bazaar's 'Over 30' Fashion Rules

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curvily/Instagram; Harper's Bazaar/Snapchat

Yesterday, Redditors called out Harper's Bazaar's insane Snapchat Story "8 summer style moments you can only get away with in your 20s" for the true abomination it was. 


Fashion rules as a whole are a fallacy, but when you put an expiration date on women (especially ones as young as 30), you cross a line. So naturally, women, being the fierce badasses they are, are sticking it to Harper's Bazaar by "breaking" all. the. damn. rules. 

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Sarah Chiwaya, the plus-size fashion blogger behind Curvily Fashion, was so appalled by their offensive list she started #BizarreBazaarRules on Instagram, inspiring dozens of women over 30 to post photos of themselves breaking each one of Bazaar's insane rules. 

Chiwaya told CafeMom:

"These 'don'ts' are rooted in narrow beauty standards that idealize thin, young women above all. The clear message is that once you are past your young, skinny prime, you should cover your gross old body up and leave fashion to those that deserve to be seen ... Bazaar also presumes that young = skinny, which is certainly not the case for every woman, and many of these points make it clear that even if you are young, you're not fit for trends if you don't have defined abs or thin legs. Also, I have just had more than  enough of people telling women what to do."

And evidently, so have other women. Anna O'Brien, body-positivity activist and blogger known as GlitterandLazers, posted this glorious shot of herself breaking all the "rules."

anna o'brien

"I'd like to thank the small minded social writers at @harpersbazaarus who created the deplorable snapchat story to attempt to make every women [sic] not a size 2 and over the age of 20 hate themselves. Because of them I present to you all these blast from the past images that prove I BREAK EVERYONE [sic] OF THEIR STUPID RULES and LOOK FABULOUS AS HELL DOING IT," she wrote.

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Other shots included women over 30 proudly rocking vibrant lipstick:

love yourself lipstick

Working it in sexy crop-tops:

fierce croptop

And rocking vibrant "crazy" hair:

vibrant hair

Their resistance is flat-out beautiful. 

As Chiwaya tells us:

"I hope people see that fashion is not limited by age, size, or any other arbitrary boundary. I also hope people just see the diversity of women! Representation matters, but it is still far too rare in fashion media. If you only see the same 10 models over and over again, it is far too easy to forget the beauty of people who don't fit that cookie cutter norm."

Oh, and as far as why Chiwaya (and subsequently all other women) will continue to break these imposes "rules"?

"Because I want to!" she says. "That is really what this boils down to -- trying to keep women from expressing themselves the way they want, and making them think there is a deadline on their ability to wear styles they like. I'm certainly not going to throw away my growing collection of bikinis for a full coverage skirt suit just because some small-minded writer thinks I should, now that I'm the ripe old age of 32."


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