9 Things Moms Should 'Never' Wear or Even Try

Lauren Gordon | May 31, 2017 Beauty & Style
9 Things Moms Should 'Never' Wear or Even Try

allison kimmey with daughter

Once a woman becomes a mother, that is **clearly** her sole purpose in life. Forget the 30+ years she spent as a runner, a painter, a friend -- or whatever silly titles she may have had before. They are irrelevant now. And since one is a mother and a mother only, there are some rules she'd better follow. To fit her new role, she needs to look the part -- and by that, we definitely mean society's strict version of what a mother looks like.

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We all know what when a woman has children she can no longer have long hair, she must only wear turtlenecks, and she has to really boost up her budget for good, full-sleeved tops. And forget trying to be sexy. We all know that mothers can only be dowdy or matronly. **No one** wants to see a sexy mom ... (Can anybody tell that our eyes are rolling HARD over here?) 

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The truth is, there are NO rules for what women should or should not wear, and that is also true of moms after baby comes. There is no reason why a woman can't dress however she wants once baby arrives. Here are a few totally not sarcastic* fashion no-nos that every respectable mother should avoid ...

*Clearly, this means we're being sarcastic. 

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