Ashley Graham's Favorite Accessory Will Give You a Major Confidence Boost

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theashleygraham/Instagram; Marissa Pina/CafeMom
Feeling good in my body is a relatively new concept to me. I had always struggled with myself, lost in a what felt like an endless cycle of shame and disgust. It wasn't until I found body positivity that I started to challenge my concepts of "beauty," especially as they pertained to myself.


Though I've come a long way, the hardest and longest struggle of my adult life was allowing myself to be seen. I hid behind shapeless clothes and barely noticeable lipstick, and I suppressed the desire to wear many of the vibrant, sexy pieces I was attracted to. Once I surrounded myself with the right people, and started really digging in to fat-positive fashion, I found a tribe of women who were struggling to love their bodies and challenging themselves with bold and fierce looks.

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One such woman is Sports Illustrated's first plus-size cover model and body-positive icon Ashley Graham. Though we have dramatically different bodies, Graham's style is one I admire deeply-- especially because she gives herself nowhere to hide. Well, almost.

If you're a fan of Graham the way I am, you may have noticed she's been obsessing over one accessory in particular: a corset belt. Paired with elegant dresses or T-shirts and leggings, Graham's corset belts kick up her everyday outfits and define her shape. To help me get over some of my fashion fears, I borrowed her signature look -- here's what happened. 

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