I Tried the Wonder Woman Line for Curvy Nerds & Felt Like a Superhero

Lauren Gordon | May 26, 2017 Beauty & Style
I Tried the Wonder Woman Line for Curvy Nerds & Felt Like a Superhero
Image: Marissa Pina/CafeMom

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Marissa Pina/CafeMom

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman has completely won the hearts of every DC Comics fan. She's fierce, she's feminist, and Gadot even shot parts of the movie while pregnant like a total goddamn badass. 

The thing is, we ladies of every shape and size have a little of that fierceness inside us too. To celebrate the power of Wonder Woman (and, by proxy, womanhood in general), plus-size retailer Torrid worked with Her Universe to bring an entire capsule collection to curvy and nerdy babes centered around the super icon herself.

I decided to give a few of the pieces a whirl to see if they'd make me feel like an Amazon goddess IRL -- here's the verdict. 

  • First up was this stretchy skater dress that looked like a comfortable version of Wonder Woman's badass armor.

    Her Universe Wonder Woman Reversible Skater Dress ($69, Torrid)
    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    I'm a size 16/18, which means I fit into Torrid's sizes 1 and 2. At a size 1, this fit like a glove, but if you like a little more room, I suggest sizing up. 

    Her Universe Wonder Woman Reversible Skater Dress ($69, Torrid)

  • The detail is actually pretty badass.

    wonder woman skater dress
    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    And I personally felt it made my boobs look BOMB. 

    My only gripe is that this dress is a little too "costume-y" for me; I don't know if I would rock this look in everyday life. 

  • But don't let that deter you...

    skater dress
    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    ... because this little number has a pretty epic super power.


    reveersilble dress
    Marissa Pina/ CafeMom

    Emblazoned with the Wonder Woman symbol, this badass dress just totally became worth the money. Because who doesn't love getting two dresses for the price of one?!

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  • Next up was this far more subtle, peek-a-boo dress.

    lasso of truth
    Marissa Pina/ CafeMom

    I actually really loved this dress, and could totally see me wearing it out on a girl's night. This dress follows more traditional sizing and I was shocked to discover a size 14 fit me really well. 

    Her Universe Wonder Woman Lasso Skater Dress ($79, Torrid) 

  • I didn't love how the gold pleather accent laid on my chest.

    bubbline in dress
    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    But I think going up a size might have saved me that weird bubbling.

  • My favorite thing about this dress though was the Golden Lasso of Truth belt.

    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    The belt actually loops around the whole waist, but I kind of loved how it looked hanging there. 

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  • The best part though? THE POCKETS.

    dress POCKETS
    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    If a dress has pockets I will automatically love it. I will not apologize for this bias. 

  • The last piece I tried was this varsity looking satin bomber jacket.

    Her Universe Wonder Woman Themyscira Satin Bomber Jacket ($67, Torrid)
    Marissa Pina/CafeMom

    While I kinda felt like I was on the boys' wrestling team with this piece, I did love how light and luxurious it felt. It's sort of perfect for spring, and pairs great with jeans and a simple top. 

    Her Universe Wonder Woman Themyscira Satin Bomber Jacket ($67, Torrid)

  • What I loved most about it was the back detailing.

    wonderwoman jacket
    Marissa pina/ CafeMom

    I felt like I was in the coolest girlgang EVER. 

    Overall, I was super into this line. It was quirky, fit well, and had a good balance of style versus nerd reference.

    My curves felt pretty damn wonderful. 

    Check out the rest of the line here

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