Bee Tattoos Are Swarming Manchester -- and They Are as Gorgeous as They Are Meaningful

Lauren Gordon | May 25, 2017 Beauty & Style

bee tattoo for manchester
When atrocities such as the Manchester attacks take place, the world mourns collectively but grieves individually. Some pray, some turn to activism, and others turn to the emotional comforts of the arts. 

In remembrance of those lost and injured, artists across England are offering therapeutic and creative healing in the form of bee tattoos. 

The "worker bee" has served as the symbol of Manchester, as the city was developed and inhabited by the working class. In 1842, at the end of the Industrial Revolution, seven bees were incorporated into the city's Coat of Arms.

Many parlours across the UK are offering to tattoo the symbol for fixed prices in order to raise money for the families and victims of the attack -- and proud Englishmen and women responded. 

Check out a few of the stunning pieces here.