I Tried the Lip Plumper Instagram Is Obsessed With -- Here's the Verdict

Lauren Gordon | May 23, 2017 Beauty & Style
Image: PMD Beauty

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PMD Beauty

Though the desire to have plump lips certainly didn't start with Kylie Jenner, the youngest Kardashian clan member made fuller lips a "trend" that big beauty brands are selling hard. From serums to old wives' tales, there are plenty of things folks claim you can do to get bigger lips. 

But one such product that permeated my Insta feed more than any of them: PMD Beauty's "Kiss." The lip plumping system promises to boost collagen in your lips over time to give off the appearance of fuller, supple lips in a "safe" and effective manner for $139.00. 

Being a fairly thin-lipped person myself, I decided to give it a try to see if it'd really take my lips to Kardashian levels of full -- here's what happened.  

  • First, let's talk a little bit about the system itself.


    The palm-sized machine is marketed as an "anti-aging lip treatment" to increase the volume of lips and reduce lip fine lines. It comes with a specially formulated serum, a charge cord, and two different sized mouth pieces to better fit your lips.  

  • Here are my lips before.


    Fairly dry (goddamn you, matte lipstick) and relatively small, my lips are pretty average sans any product or enhancers. 

  • So I slid the serum across my lips, per the package instructions.


    The serum feels thick and tingly, like a heavy layer of the worst kind of lip gloss. I let it settle into my lips for 60 seconds. 

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  • Then, it is time to PLUMP. YOU. UP.


    All kidding aside, the site instructs you to target the six pictured "zones," allowing the machine to pulsate in each section 10 times. I should note that the package instructions say to target only four sections, but I followed the Internet's advice for "maximum" results. 

  • Admittedly, I didn't love how it felt.


    The suction vibrates on your lip and you kind of can't help but drool a little as it pulls your lip outward. I know, classy, right?


  • Here's what it looks like after just one section is done.


    On the right side of my mouth (to you, the left of the photo) you can see my lip is noticeably puffier, and it definitely felt a little swollen (minus the pain typically associated with it).  

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  • And here is the final result!


    While the difference wasn't a total OMG moment, you can definitely notice an increase in size and fullness. 

  • Roughly 3 hours later, they remained relatively plump.


    Though it noticeably reduced in size, three hours later it retained some volume.

  • I saw the biggest difference when I put on red lipstick.



    I am admittedly less than skilled at putting on makeup, so I cannot do things like overdraw my lip line and not look like a clown. Following the lips new shape, I could definitely see an increase in size and a change in shape. 

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    - It's easy to use.

    - Relatively painless.

    - Results are immediate.


    - The results aren't insanely dramatic.

    - It is fairly pricey.

    Keep in mind, the brand recommends regular use to see longer-lasting, semi-permanent results. If I were concerned about having fuller lips for an event, like wedding or prom, I may recommend trying this product out in the weeks prior.

    Otherwise, I think I'll be sticking to my natural lip shape, thanks. 

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