50 Empowering C-Section Scar Cover-Up Tattoos

Michele Zipp | Mar 22, 2018 Beauty & Style
50 Empowering C-Section Scar Cover-Up Tattoos

c-section tattoo

Turning a C-section scar into a symbol of survival is a beautiful thing. And for many of us, tattoos are an important way to express ourselves. Tattoos can be very empowering and are often designed with special meaning, symbolic of a moment in life. Just like when someone marks going through breast cancer or a miscarriage with a tattoo, so do women who have C-section scars.

These tattoos can often help the women reclaim their bodies after a change as significant as introducing a tiny human to this world, which is quite a feat, by the way. C-section scar cover-up tats can help women commemorate and celebrate the journey of being pregnant. They can also be a celebration of the new role that's simultaneously introduced into a woman's life of now becoming a mother.

In addition to that powerful meaning, the abdomen part of a woman's body is truly beautiful. It's a large blank canvas compared to other parts of the body, and it's an area that is covered by clothing more often than not, which makes a C-section scar tattoo there even more personal.

Some of these inspiring tattoos are small, just covering the scar area, but others are large, expanding beyond it. All symbolize the beauty and strength it takes to be a mom, and that we can overcome and rise above so much. Prepare to be moved by the 50 stunning C-section scar tattoos ahead!