12 Women Share Photos of the 1 Thing They Put on to Feel Totally Fierce

12 Women Share Photos of the 1 Thing They Put on to Feel Totally Fierce
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Five days out of the week I have to dress like a total grown-up at work. Dresses, heels, and tights are a big part of my wardrobe, even though I am, at heart, a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. Sometimes it feels like I'm constantly playing dress-up and I'm not always the most comfortable in my clothes. On days like that, I grab The Scarf. And it's honestly amazing how much that one thing can transform how I'm feeling. 

The Scarf is a lightweight black infinity scarf with a Harry Potter theme (the illustration for the Deathly Hallows, for my fellow HP lovers). It is dressy enough that I can wear it to work, soft enough that it feels cozy, and it makes me feel like, well, ME. I can wear it and look professional, but I'm still letting my inner nerdy bookworm show through. 

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The scarf is a small thing, but it makes me feel instantly more confident. I like how the right outfit, accessory, or makeup look can make somebody feel more fierce and comfortable in her own skin. I also love how one woman's confidence booster can be totally different than another's, so I decided to ask some fellow friends to share a picture of themselves in something that makes them feel great. Click on to see what real women are loving lately!

  • Pretty Purple

    woman purple hair
    Margaret M.

    "My purple hair makes me feel great. It reminds me [to] take myself less seriously. It also tends to make other people smile." -- Margaret M.

  • Peep This

    blue sven clogs mary janes
    Jessica B.

    "My favorite shoes: denim blue peep toe Mary Janes from Sven Clogs. They're comfortable to walk in; [they] look cute with dresses, tights, jeans, and shorts; and they make me smile when I see them on my feet. They also give me a teeny bit of height, which I think is a confidence boost (I'm 5'8" and they add about 2")." -- Jessica B. 

  • Sexy Lip

    Lauren G.

    "I always feel my best in red lipstick. As a plus-size woman, putting on red lipstick was finally allowing myself to be unapologetically seen and made me realize I had a right to feel sexy." -- Lauren G. 

  • The Ultimate Hoodie

    graduates gowns
    Imogen D.

    "Nothing has ever made me feel as confident as putting on my PhD robe, hood, and cap. Wearing that was evidence of years and years of hard work and sacrifice. Obviously I can't wear this every day, but I do get to wear it a few times a year for graduations or convocations and I always feel badass in it." -- Imogen D. 

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  • Take on the World

    boxing gloves
    Tanvier P

    "I feel most confident when I put on my boxing gloves. As one of a small handful of women in my advanced kickboxing class, there's a part of me that comes alive -- like I can take on the world." -- Tanvier P.

  • Power Red

    woman in red
    Nisa Fiin Photography

    "Anything that is a true red makes me feel more bold and confident." -- Christine S. 

  • Matched Set

    flowery bra
    Violet M.

    "Nothing makes me feel instantly more sexy and pulled together than a matching bra and underwear set. I have large breasts so it isn't always easy to find cute matching sets. This flower bra is so cute, makes my girls look fantastic, and has a matching brief that is actually comfortable. Jackpot!" -- Violet M. 

  • Great Shades

    Suzi K.

    "Getting lots of compliments today on my $9.99 sunglasses!" -- Suzi K. 

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  • Favorite Dress

    Johanna K.

    "This dress is perfection -- it's a thick (but not too thick), stretchy fabric and the polka dots feel so fun to me. I think the fit and flare/skater dress style is so flattering. The higher waist and full skirt feels perfect on my post-baby self. And it's just short enough to show my legs a bit. As a runner, I don't mind that! -- Johanna K. 

  • Happy Feet

    orange toed flats
    Sue T.

    "My orange shoes put a spring in my step and a smile on my face. Orange is my favorite color but not the most common shoe color, so finding these was a happy surprise. I just feel cute in them." -- Sue T. 

  • Rainbow Hair

    Laura N.

    "At times I feel as if I'm identified by a title of mine instead of as me. I'm a wife, a mom, a CFO -- but I'm one of those with awesome hair. No matter how much people try to fit me into their boxes, my hair never fits and I love that. Plus it's pretty and just makes me happy." -- Laura N. 

  • Tall Boots

    Sheri R.

    "I always dread spring a little because it means putting away my favorite confidence boosters -- my caramel-colored tall boots! They make every outfit feel a little bit cooler (and a little more badass), and I'm short so I always love the extra height." -- Sheri R. 

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