30 Cool Dudes With Sweet Mom Tattoos

Michele Zipp | May 19, 2020 Beauty & Style
30 Cool Dudes With Sweet Mom Tattoos

mom tattoo

It's hard to imagine many people who have more of an impact on our lives than our moms do -- and that goes for women and men ... even men who like to pretend they're the toughest, coolest guys around. Plenty of men out there get tattoos for their moms, because what better way to pay tribute to her than with a little permanent art? 

All of these tattoos are mom-approved -- because they are all for mom. There is something about a guy with a mom tattoo that just melts the heart and makes even the toughest-looking guy seem like a softie. We've rounded up some of our favorite mom tattoos on men just so we can say "Awww... love that."

Though many guys end up opting for the more traditional "mom" tattoo -- the one that features a heart, the word "mom," and sometimes a little something extra -- there are so many ways to make that tattoo (or something totally different) stand out from the rest, representing their own unique bond with their own moms forever. 

And after seeing all these cool designs, we noticed is that mom tribute tattoos can be anywhere -- chest, arm, hand, neck, or even face -- and they all give us the same warm and fuzzy feeling. We can't even imagine how much it must have meant to these men's mamas when they saw the tattoos for the first time! 

Read on for some of the most awesome, gorgeous mom tattoos out there that represent that special, unbreakable bond between a mother and her son. Try to pick a favorite. it might just end up being impossible! 

  • Bold & Beautiful


    Everyone loves I Love Lucy, and they also love Mom (at least they better). This guy combined the two in a neat black and white design that calls back to the traditional "mom" tattoos while also offering up a unique spin.

  • Strong Arm


    People get tattoos because they love the art, and the designs say a lot about who they are and what they like. This guy ... is all about Mom and Dad, and he's not willing to play favorites between them, even on a tattoo.

  • Over Heart


    Over the heart is a perfect spot to showcase a mom tattoo -- especially one that happens to be as colorful and eye-catching as this one. We'll admit that it might be a painful placement, but it's all worth it to show mom the love.

  • Real Heart