16 Outrageously Pretty Ways to Switch Up Your Hair Color This Spring

16 Outrageously Pretty Ways to Switch Up Your Hair Color This Spring

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If you find yourself completely tired of resorting to the same old look, springtime is a great time of year to make that big change you've been desperately yearning for. And sure, switching up your makeup routine could shake things up, but tweaking your hair color is a way to welcome in the new season with a bang.

Think vibrant blorange highlights, rich mauve, or deep striking color that will turn heads. If you really aren't sure what kind of color look is suitable for you, we got the inside scoop on how to pull off the hottest coloring trends for spring, straight from color experts. Here are 16 looks they're loving.

  • Rose Gold


    Much like the rose gold shade of your watch, rose gold hair color has become a popular shade, as it can be extremely flattering for those who have cooler undertones in their complexion. To get the look, ask your colorist to whip up a shade filled with gorgeous mauve and rose pink tones.

    "This look took Instagram by storm earlier in 2016, and has stuck around for good reason," says celebrity colorist Kim Vo, a master stylist in Beverly Hills, California. "A highly customizable mix of mauvey pink and muted rose, this shade can be universally flattering depending on the shade you decide to go with. This color is also a great option for those with cooler undertones in their complexion because of its flexibility."

  • Blorange


    Much like rose gold, blorange is a bold color that can definitely spice up any color look. However, this look suits warmer tones, as pink and orange hues help give your face an instant brightening effect.

    "This shade is a warm blend of peachy pink hues and golden orange tones," explains Kim Vo. "Blorange will work best on those with warmer complexions to complement peach or golden undertones."

  • Color Melting


    Color melting usually blends together three or more colors together, while still looking natural. This kind of coloring method is suitable for all skin tones, and can achieve any desired finish easily. 

    "The color melting is a combination of hair paint and shadowing at the same time," says Raisa Cabrera, master colorist at Mizu New York salon. "This technique uses variable applications on different sections, ending with color and hair pacing melting into each other."

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  • Strawberry Blonde


    Red shades are also expected to take center stage this spring, as strawberry blonde, in particular, can help tone down your blonde, giving it a gorgeous flush of red.

    Blondes are also opting for a change this spring, moving toward the warm glow of strawberry blonde, says George Alderete, creative ambassador, Keune Haircosmetics North America. "This is a softer, more natural look."

  • Balayage Highlights


    Also known as hair painting, the balayage coloring technique allows you to carefully place color all around your head, giving your hair a gorgeous multidimensional effect. However, there are several ways to achieve this look, making it important to consult with a colorist before you actually explore this option.

    "Balayage is a technique applied in different ways," says Michele Fury, celebrity colorist and seasoned balayage expert. "You first have to consider the hair type, hair density, then how light or how natural the colorist can customize their art with the balayage look."

  • Mauve


    Filled with pink, violet, and rich chocolate tones, mauve hair color still remains a popular color choice, as it gives brunettes a fun and funky revamp just in time for spring.

    "Rich brunettes with warmer, left-over highlights are going cooler toward the hue of silver lilac," says Alderete. "It's an easy, no-nonsense way to freshen up those drab highlights from the past and transition easily into spring."

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  • Pastels


    If you are looking to make a bold statement this spring, pastel colors can also help give your hair that fun and flirtatious look. But while shades like lavenders and light baby pinks are totally trending, Vo says that there are plenty of pastel shades that can flatter any complexion.

    "Bold pastels do require a bit of upkeep but will undoubtedly turn heads wherever you go," Vo explains. "With endless shades available or even a combination of a few, there's a pastel out there for any skin tone or complexion."

  • Baby Blonde


    Natural tones are still hanging around in 2017, as baby blonde tones in particular can help give your blonde a softer and sun-kissed look. 

    "This look is usually achieved with balayage highlights a few shades lighter than your natural color," says expert stylist Tara Kreusch aka "Elle" at Depasquale the Spa and Salon. "For a fairer skin tone, opt for beigey roots and warmer ends. Olive tones skin opt for more of a golden blonde."

  • Platinum


    Whether you opt for a champagne, silver, or icy white platinum, this bold shade is best suited for cool, light, or warm skin tones. However, maintaining your platinum color at home is extremely important, as these shades tend to fade pretty quickly.

    "At home maintenance is critical to keeping this look fresh," says Kreusch. "Clients should use a purple shampoo once a week, followed by a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment."

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  • Bronde


    Another universally flattering color comes bronde, a gorgeous blend of brown and blonde tones. And while this look tends to be extremely low maintenance, it's still wise to consult with your colorist first in order to find the bronde shade that is best suited for you.

    "Bronde is probably the most low-maintenance spring color trend," says Kreusch. "The key to achieving this look is to keep as much of your natural color as possible. By incorporating soft shimmers of lighter shades around the face, it will bring out your natural features as well as the texture throughout your hair."

  • Tiger Eye


    A new and exciting twist on the bronde color shade comes tiger eye, a unique color combination of honey, amber, and soft brown highlights. The striking yet subtle look is usually achieved through hair painting or balayage, and tends to properly flatter all skin tones easily.  

    "Tiger eye is the latest evolution of bronde," says Matrix celebrity stylist George Papanikolas. "The look has a universal appeal, as it sits in the middle of the hair color spectrum. It can be adjusted warmer or cooler to suit your skin tone."

  • Jewel Tones


    If you want an edgier spin, jewel tone colors can give you a bold punch of color easily. However, these looks tend to be suitable for those with lighter hair shades, as darker tones will have to be pre-lightened with bleach in order to achieve this look properly.

    "The bolder version of the pastel trend but not as intense as the ultra-vibrant punk colors," explains Papanikolas. "Shades like quartz pink and sapphire blue can be incorporated into soft ribbons and color melts."

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  • Rooted Hair Color


    Exposed roots are also making a splash this spring, as it proves to be a low-maintenance look that requires a touch-up and gloss as needed.

    "[The] deep-rooted hair color look is good for any skin tone [and] for anyone looking to achieve low maintenance hair color," says Leigh Da Costa, color specialist at Adam Broderick Salon & Spa.

  • Copper


    Copper makes a perfect spring coloring option, as it enhances red tones with a natural yet sultry finish. However, always be sure to invest in the right color-preserving products if you do select this tone, as rich reds tend to fade fast.  

    "Copper looks best on fair, cool, or golden skin tones," says Papanikolas. "If you have freckles, this look is totally ideal." 

  • Jet Black


    Darker and deeper shades are also in for spring, as they can be bold but still natural at the same time. However, this look can be a bit harsh on some complexions, making this color ideal for those with fair skin tones.

    "Ideal for any season, jet black color is low maintenance, as the upkeep for this shade would only require touching up the root every four to six weeks," adds Da Costa.

  • Bright Auburn


    But if you want a red tone with a bright and natural feel, bright auburn color is one of the best color options to to try, as it looks super subtle yet full of life.

    "Bright auburn is ideal for fair skin with pink undertones," says Da Costa. "This shade be enhanced with subtle hair painting to help add dimension. This color will also blend naturally as the hair grows out."

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