We Found the 9 Hottest Plus-Size Swimsuits to Wear This Summer

We Found the 9 Hottest Plus-Size Swimsuits to Wear This Summer

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A few facts everyone should know about me: I'm a size 22, I love to swim, and I am beyond tired of the struggle to find a swimsuit that I love and feel comfortable and beautiful in. The problem with so many plus-sized suits is that they either treat my body like a problem to be solved or they are incredibly boring. The pickings are incredibly slim, when there's no reason for it to be. Save me from another plain black tank suit, please! 

Given that summer is coming soon, I made it my mission to hunt down the best plus-sized swimsuits of the summer.* Not to toot my own horn, but I basically killed it -- we've got cute suits, practical suits, affordable suits, and, yes, even some seriously sexy ones! We found the perfect suit for every type of personal style.

I tried them all on, so we can see what these suits look like on someone who has had two kids, thighs that touch, and a body that is perfectly imperfect. Since I got brave last year and rocked a bikini for the first time, I even made sure to throw in another two-piece this time around!

So, click on for the hottest suits of the season, and get ready to feel awesome in the water this year -- no matter what size we are! After all, doesn't everyone deserve to have some fun in the sun and look fresh as heck in the process? We're gonna go with a hard yes on this one. 

* I went shopping and also reached out to several brands. Swimsuits for All, Lane Bryant, and HydroChic all kindly sent suits to try. 

  • The Safe Bet


    When I'm on the hunt for a cute suit that I can wear while wrangling the kids at the pool, I have a couple of criteria: I need the boobs to be contained, and I'd like to be able to hang out in the kiddie pool without having to worry about getting a major wedgie. This tankini top and board short bottom, both from Target, hit both of those marks.

    To be honest, this suit is probably the safest choice of the suits I tried on. The colors are cute and the strappy back is a nice detail, but this probably isn't for someone whose goal is to be a sexy pool vixen. But for mom time at the pool, and for less than $30 a piece, this isn't a bad bet.

    Women's Plus-Size Strappy Back Tankini, $29.99; Target

    Women's Plus-Size Board Short, $22.99; Target

  • The Bargain Pin-Up Look


    If saving money and looking like an old-school pin-up babe is the goal, then this ultra-affordable tankini and skirted bottom is the one! I liked that this felt a little sexy with the sweetheart neckline, but I do worry that the halter ties will need to get tightened up pretty regularly to keep things looking perky. 

    I recommend pairing this one with some cat eye sunglasses and some bright red lips. 

    Catalina Plus-Size Medallion Halter Tankini Top, $16.84; WalMart

    Catalina Plus-Size Skirted Swimsuit Bottom, $11.84; WalMart

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  • The Sassy One-Piece


    This one-piece is has a great blouson-style top which gives it a two-piece look but without any danger of tummy exposure. The bright blue color is gorgeous, and the built-in bra cups keep the girls from wandering, which I always appreciate.  

    Zephyr Loop Blouson Swimsuit, $50.40; Swim Suits For All

  • Full-Coverage Cuteness


    I live in Minnesota, where spending long days at the lake are practically required by state law. When my family hits the lake, we do it all: swim, kayak, paddle board, and spend hours digging in the sand. For days like this, I like a full coverage suit both for sun protection and to be able to move from swimming to playing without having to grab a cover-up. 

    This suit, from HydroChic, is probably not going to the typical definition of sexy, but it is colorful, comfortable, and great for all types of lake or beach activities. 

    Baseball Babe Rashguard, $84.00; HydroChic

    Performance Wave Runner Swim Tights, $66.00; HydroChic

  • Hello, Cleavage


    Full disclosure here: While I love the price tag and the color on this tankini top, it was a bit more revealing than I'd like. It also doesn't really have the breast support that I need. I'd recommend it for my D-cup and below friends, especially those who aren't afraid of a bold pattern. 

    Catalina Fashion Women's Plus Copacabana Twist Halterkini Top, $16.48; WalMart

    Catalina Women's Plus-Size Skirted Swimsuit Bottom, $11.84; WalMart

  • Not So Basic Black


    Oooh, this one is GREAT. I planned to try to avoid black swimsuits, because I've had way too many boring ones in my past, but I had to make an exception for this one. This high-neck tankini from Swimsuits for All has great support and some sexy mesh panels at the top. This one is elegant enough for a couple's weekend but also totally workable for taking the kids to the pool. A+ all around. 

    Lush Mesh High-Neck Tankini, $62.05; Swimsuits for All

  • Best Exercise Suit


    Swimming is one of my favorite exercises, so I'm always on the hunt for something to wear doing laps. I'm usually disappointed with my options. If I see another plain blue or black tank suit, I'm going to lose my mind.

    So, imagine my delight at finding this athletic option from Cacique, available exclusively at Lane Bryant. The print on this reminds me of a watercolor painting and the straps stay in place for lap after lap. Now, if only it came with a matching cap and goggles...

    One-Piece Lap Suit, $104.95; Lane Bryant

  • Best Boobs Ever


    I don't say this lightly, but this suit made my boobs look AMAZING.

    So, let me tell everyone about this two-piece option from Cacique, available exclusively at Lane Bryant. This one has bra sizing, so we can order just the right size for our body. It comes with a built-in underwire bra and hooks like a bra and also has a halter neck closure. In other words, it takes a little bit of work to get it on, but the end result is so worth it. There'sa bit of cleavage, a lot of support, and the textured fabric looks luxe. This one is worth the price tag. 

    Textured Swim Tank with Built-In Balconette Bra, $68.50; Lane Bryant

    Textured Mid Waist Swim Brief With Cutouts, $54.50; Lane Bryant

  • Bold Bikini


    On paper, the thought of a white bikini sounds kind of terrifying.

    But then I saw the Milestone Underwire Bikini and matching Romper from Gabi Fresh for Swim Suits for All, and I kind of fell in love. First of all, the cactus print is adorable, and given that I'm originally from Arizona, I had to have it.  

    The bikini top has bra sizing, so it fits great and the straps don't slip at all. I dig the high-waisted bikini bottom but the romper totally sealed the deal for me. I can't wait to wear this to the pool the summer. 

    Gabi Fresh Milestone Underwire Bikini, $70.00; Swim Suits For All

    Gabi Fresh Milestone Romper, $43.40; Swim Suits For All

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