17 Flashback Easter Photos That'll Inspire You to Pull Out the 'Good' Sweatpants

old easter family photos

The bonnets, the florals, the tiny three-piece suits. You'll be hard-pressed to find a holiday that conjures up as many family fashion memories as Easter. It's like the one day of the year where parents are determined to outfit their brood in coordinating ensembles for iconic photo ops. 


But times, they are a-changin', and while there's certainly a common thread among Easter fashion over the decades, a look through old family photos shows we've come a long way. 

Super-feminine coats with classic lines were tops for girls in the '60s, while the '80s was all about statement collars and puffy sleeves. And the little boys with their pastel leisure suits in the '70s? Don't even get us started! 

We sifted through countless Easter photos online to find some real families dressed to the nines indicative of the era. You're bound to see a few familiar styles from your own childhood wardrobe. 

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