Let's Have an Ugly Sweater Party!

ugly sweater party

My friend Melody -- fashion meets fugly sweater

OK, my friend Melody (seen at right) couldn't look ugly if she tried. But here she was trying with her $2 sweater she bought at a Goodwill in Oklahoma. You can't see from this photo, but it has mini bells on it...and yes, they jingled! She wore it as a dress with a Santa-like belt to a holiday-themed ugly sweater party.

Here on CafeMom, there was a lot of buzz about ugly sweaters....


In her journal, CafeMom LeaJnice shows off her sweater -- it lights up!

And CafeMom ElizabethTaylor and her husband wore some Santa and Christmas tree knits to their family's annual ugly sweater party.

It seems like it would be a really fun tradition to start and I have to say...maybe the sweaters aren't the most fashionable, but everyone looks adorable in them -- and it's good spirited fun.

Have you ever been to an ugly sweater party?

Let's have one right now! Hmm...what will I wear? OK, I would love one that lights up, maybe with strings of lights around the collar and a big Rudolph as the main image with his nose lighting up too, of course. What about you?

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