Let's Have an Ugly Sweater Party!

ugly sweater party

My friend Melody -- fashion meets fugly sweater

OK, my friend Melody (seen at right) couldn't look ugly if she tried. But here she was trying with her $2 sweater she bought at a Goodwill in Oklahoma. You can't see from this photo, but it has mini bells on it...and yes, they jingled! She wore it as a dress with a Santa-like belt to a holiday-themed ugly sweater party.

Here on CafeMom, there was a lot of buzz about ugly sweaters....

In her journal, CafeMom LeaJnice shows off her sweater -- it lights up!

And CafeMom ElizabethTaylor and her husband wore some Santa and Christmas tree knits to their family's annual ugly sweater party.

It seems like it would be a really fun tradition to start and I have to say...maybe the sweaters aren't the most fashionable, but everyone looks adorable in them -- and it's good spirited fun.

Have you ever been to an ugly sweater party?

Let's have one right now! Hmm...what will I wear? OK, I would love one that lights up, maybe with strings of lights around the collar and a big Rudolph as the main image with his nose lighting up too, of course. What about you?

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fmchavez fmchavez

The two presents I got from my mother this year were some great ugly sweaters. Both have snow men and the hats are felt that stick out of the sweater. I wish I had somewhere to wear them to!

2boys... 2boys1princess

I went to one and it was a blast. They even had extra Sweaters if anyone came without.

my2lu... my2luvbugs

Haha, I swear, this is now the biggest thing to do for Christmas is the Ugly Sweater Parties.  I heard 3 friends/family of mine doing it! LOL

twarmymm twarmymm

never heard of it........but it sounds like alot of fun........i am gonna suggest it next year for our work party...........LOL

JayGi... JayGirlsMom

that sounds like a lot of fun! and she looks hot in her ugly sweater!!!

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