3 Ways to Color Your Lips -- Perfect for that Midnight Kiss

I "Warhol-ed" my lips!

Some of my earliest memories as a kid involve my mom putting on lipstick -- I would watch her in the bathroom vanity, in the rear view mirror (car in park, of course), and in her compact...she would paint her lips like a pro and still does. She is a woman obsessed with coloring her kisser -- and even though I resisted lipstick all through my teen years, I am now a lip color fanatic just like she is. These tips and favorites are brought to you by me and my mom -- two ladies who believe you're never fully dressed without some lip color or even just some lip chap.

And what better way to kiss away 2008 (and smooch hello 2009) than with stunning lips! Even if you are in your PJs, you'll feel dolled up with lipstick.


Tip 1: You can use lip liner as your color.

Just be sure to line your whole lips and not just the outline. I call the outline only look spaghetti lips -- no one wants spaghetti lips.

First apply a lip balm so liner can move smoothly on lips. Blot balm so there is just a little -- this helps liner stay on longer. Line and fill in lips. Blot to blend.

Try: Make Up Forever's Acqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil ($16 from Sephora). I love Matte Raspberry, but there are lots of colors to choose from.

Also check out my mom's favorite: Shisedo's Automatic Lip Crayon ($22 from Macy's). It comes in nine colors and it never has to be sharpened -- just twist to replenish.

Tip 2: Go for high gloss.

Gloss can go over any color or you can wear alone. It makes lips seem bigger because of the shine.

Try: MAC's Clear Lipglass ($14) has a cult following for good reason -- it magnifies your lips with high power shine.

I also love Lancome's Juicy Tubes Sparkling Night ($18).. It has this sweet smell and lasts a long time.

Tip 3: Try going matte for a change.

Matte lips can look super chic. It's reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.

Try: Make Up Forever's Matte Lip ($20 from Sephora) over any lipstick to make it matte without changing color.

Lipstick Queen's Sinner Opaque Lipstick ($18) goes on matte and comes in 10 great colors. Colors are darker than they appear, so keep in mind when buying.

Do you have any favorite brands that fall into these categories? Share!

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