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21 Hand Poke Tattoos That Are Hauntingly Beautiful

hand poke tattoo

Hand poke tattoos are getting their moment in the spotlight, thanks to some very talented artists working in this medium. This isn't a stick and poke in someone's basement. Machineless tattooing is a romantic art form, and these tattoos are here to show you why.

The practice itself takes longer than getting tattooed with a machine, but this is an ancient art form, and those who have these tats say it's a different kind of ritualistic experience. When getting poked by a skilled artist, the results are truly breathtaking -- from the dot work to the somewhat softer way a hand poke tattoo presents. Here are some of our favorites. 

2The softness of wildflowers.

Artist Lara Maju's tattoo is part whisper -- so soft and lovely. This hand-poked bunch of wildflowers continue her beautiful aesthetic. 

3Meaningful lineage.

Perfectly designed for a long line back piece, this gorgeous tattoo from Neiz Vesten at Artful Ink also features perfect circles. 

11Light and dark.

This is such a pretty spot for a delicate hand poke tattoo, and this one by Liv Handpoke Tattoos features a lovely thicker line with sweet thin line for excellent contrast. 

13The curves of a seashell.

She's such an expert at creating the most delicate and yet the most powerful tattoos, and this seashell by Lara Maju is just as hauntingly beautiful. 

17Finest lines.

At first look, this hand poke tattoo seems to be a cool pattern, and it is, but it's also meaningful, representing three children. 


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