9 All-Natural Products for the Biggest Skin Problems

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We all have skin-care problems. Whether it's parched, painful skin, acne straight out of a Judy Blume book, or just a hunch that we're looking a little peaked, there are thankfully many different ways to fix our icky skin woes. Not exactly sure how to start? Don't worry -- we've got it all covered. We found natural remedies for when the skin is not looking its best that are sure to fix any skin flare-ups folks might have.   

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Unfortunately, how our skin looks can often influence much of the way we feel about ourselves. So what can we do when we want to mix up our skin-care games for the better? Well, first we can look into natural products -- skin care that doesn't have harsh chemicals that will completely ruin the skin. 

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And these suggestions are not like, "Slather on these expensive chemicals!" The products here have natural ingredients. Like the ones we can actually pronounce. 

So go ahead -- read through to find a gorgeous fix for the skin. 

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And then let us know: Which one is best of all? Which ones did we forget?

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  • When your skin’s feeling ... blah


    Need to reboot your skin? Micro-dermabrasion's spendy, but hey, Juice Beauty offers it up in a tube. Their STEM CELLULAR™ Resurfacing Micro-Exfoliant has certified organic ingredients, clay, and teeny-tiny particles of grape seed and jojoba to buff off dead skin cells. Voilà -- smoother, fresher skin. (Psst! Your fine lines won't be quite as noticeable, either.)

    Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR™ Resurfacing Micro-Exfoliant, $55; Juice Beauty

  • When you need to detox


    Who wouldn't love a soap made from goats that live on a solar-powered farm? The Organic Activated Charcoal Bar by Little Seed Farm washes away all the gunk polluting your skin -- without drying it out. Perfecto if you have acne or sensitive skin. Plus, did we say goats.

    Little Seed Farm Organic Activated Charcoal Bar, $7; Little Seed Farm

  • When your skin needs to eat healthier


    Giving up a crap diet and going vegan? Your skin may benefit from doing the same. Brookyn-based Mullein & Sparrow offers a (vegan!) Complete Skincare Kit that includes a lemon rose face wash, balancing toner, and serum with ingredients like frankincense, avocado, and carrot seed oils. Yum.

    Mullein & Sparrow Complete Skincare Kit for Normal Skin, $89; Mullein & Sparrow

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  • When your skin needs some serious soothing


    Itchy. Blotchy. Dry. Sore. Sensitive. Broken out. If any of those describes your skin, you are LONG overdue to try coconut oil. With its antibacterial properties AND ability to hydrate to a serious degree, any brand will do, but we dig the Coconut Revolution version. Try it to soften your cuticles, condition your hair, take off your makeup, use instead of toothpaste ... the benefits are endless.

    Coconut Revolution Organic Coconut Oil for the Body, $11; Rodale's

  • When you're like, "Is this sandpaper? Or my SKIN?"


    Super-scratchy skin? Not super romantic. Reset with Apoterra Skincare's Tulsi Luminous Lavender + Pink Sea Salt Body Scrub, a mix of pink sea salt, coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils. Rub in a tablespoon while you're in the shower or throw some salts into your next bath.

    Apoterra Tulsi Luminous Lavender + Pink Sea Salt Body Scrub, $32; Rodale's

  • When everyone's like, "You look EXHAUSTED."


    If you've been up and down with a newborn for days on end, you're prone to looking like a Walking Dead extra. Say thank you to Skyn ICELAND Brightening Eye Serum which smooths, depuffs, and preps your eyes for, um, another sleepless night.

    Skyn ICELAND Brightening Eye Serum, $35; Ulta

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  • When you feel so. Old.


    Matcha green tea, licorice, sugar and milk ... sounds like dessert ingredients, but it's actually part of 100% Pure's Organic Matcha Anti-Aging Antioxidants Cleansing Foam. Think: gentle, moisturizing cleanser that wakes up your face. (Seriously. There's caffeine in it.)

    100% Pure Organic Matcha Anti-Aging Antioxidants Cleansing Foam, $39; 100% Pure

  • When your skin's like the Sahara


    Can't get much more natural than LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt, which has exactly ONE ingredient: nuts from the Nile River Valley. Scoop out a tiny bit of this balm and allow it to melt into your skin for an overnight facial or daily drink for super-thirsty areas. Sure, it may be spendy, but a little bit goes a looooong time.

    LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt, $62; LXMI

  • When you look at your legs and think, "No."


    Dry brushing (yep, just what it sounds like) is said to help boost your body's lymphatic system. If you slept through high school anatomy, that's the part of your body that fights infection and inflammation. Even Gwyneth's dry brushing! Birchrose + Co handcrafts an Organic Repair Oil Kit that includes a Japanese palm brush and blend of apricot/grapefruit/rosemary/neroli oils that promote circulation and tighten up your skin. Read: Chases away cellulite and varicose veins.

    Birchrose + Co Organic Repair Oil Kit, $28; Rodale's

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