What Your Face Shape Says About Your Personality

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  • Round Face Shape

    Selena Gomez

    Literally circular, typified by wide cheekbones and a curved jaw, a round face shape is the sign of someone who is "very kind, generous, and caring," according to Harner. The sweethearts of the facial shape world, these people tend to think of and put others’ needs before their own. Totally selfless, they can be true friends, but oftentimes they give too much of themselves. They can be so focused on taking care of everybody else's needs that they will fail to prioritize their own. The key is to remember that being nice to others doesn't mean neglecting yourself.

  • Oval Face Shape

    ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

    With a forehead that is slightly wider than their rounded chin, oval faces are longer than they are wide. Ever the charmers, these people know how to play nice with others and will adapt to make others feel comfortable. However, in catering to those around them, they can sometimes pay too much attention to putting others at ease, so that they don't get to really be themselves. Empathetic and gracious people, those with oval face shapes have good hearts they should let shine.

  • Rectangular Face Shape

    Kate Middleton
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    Long and narrow, a rectangular face shape is characterized by a squared-off hairline and chin. People with this face shape identify with Mary J. Blige in that they want no more drama in their lives. Never ruled by emotions, these left-brained people value logic and tend to have good common sense. Efficient and practical, they tend to be very driven to achieve -- and it seems they do, as oftentimes this face shape is found among successful people.

  • Square Face Shape

    Kelly Osbourne
    Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

    Don't hold your breath, because square face–shaped people aren't about to change their minds. Defined by a prominent jawline and equally proportional in length and width, squared faces can be found on people who are steadfast in their values and belief systems and not easily influenced by others. However, beware of the pitfalls, as this often leads to stubbornness and quick judgements when rapidly sizing up others and leaping to conclusions without really getting to know them.

  • Diamond Face Shape

    Taylor Swift
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    "This is the face of a diva," says Harner. Characterized by a narrow forehead and chin, but wide and prominent cheeks, these faces can be found on people who are perfectionists and very detail-oriented. They give great thought to and care a lot about the quality of not only what they do, but also of what everyone else around them does. Though they're often labeled as difficult, diamond-faced divas are just good at knowing what they want and making it a reality -- and since when is that a bad thing?

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