11 Tips for Pulling Off the Perfect Red Lip

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From Marilyn Monroe to Lupita Nyong'o, Hollywood glamour has always been about that unforgettable red lip. That look is so much more than just a lip color. Rocking red lipstick sends the message that you're the kind of badass woman who is completely unafraid to go bold. Or, okay, maybe you're experimenting with that image! Either way, it's a look we should all feel comfortable trying. We owe it to ourselves!  


Of course, one of the reasons red lipstick is considered so brave is that it can be tough to find the right product, get it to go on smoothly, and have it stay put. (Maybe because it's just so in-your-face, red lipstick seems to have a way of getting all over your face!)

Thankfully, beauty experts are happy to share their tricks for pulling off that iconic red lip.

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