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20 Sexy-as-Hell Sternum Tattoos

sternum tattoo
Neill Kerry

Elegant and magical, beautiful and ornate, these sternum tattoos will take your breath away. This collection features incredible artists who so perfectly contoured the design on the body that you couldn't imagine the art not being there. 

There are many with delicate dot work, fine lines, as well as thick. Color makes an appearance, as does the mystical feel of solid black. Mandalas will always be a love of ours, and they fit beautifully in this spot on the chest. So many enchanting designs ... try to pick a favorite. 

sternum tattoo
Neill Kerry

1Sacred space.

The dragonfly alone is gorgeous, but when added with the long lines and geometric pattern, tattoo artist Rachael Ainsworth made a masterpiece.

2In contour.

Tattooing at Almost Angels Tattoo Studio in Ely Cambs, UK, the talented Neill Kerry created this keepsake -- perfectly contoured and with such incredible dot work. 

5Soft and light.

The delicate hand of tattoo artist Lilly Anchor creates magical tattoos. This wishbone design is no exception. 

6Nature's beauty.

Nature is captured so beautifully in this tattoo by John O'Hara. Look closely for the moths. 

11Dark art.

Tattoo artist Brian created this powerful solid black tattoo that is quite bewitching. 

13Lovely lotus.

Containing some of the most beautiful things, artist Monica Gomes's lovely lotus with moons is positioned perfectly. 

15Ornate mandala.

With beautiful shading along with deep saturated black, this mandala tattoo by Lara Scotton features a design we could get lost in. 

18Heart chakra.

A master at intricate tattoos, Jason Carpino created this heart chakra design that we are so in love with.


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