What's the Strangest Thing in Your Purse?

My bag is boring compared to others!

Back in November, I had a giveaway for a bag and in order to win, I asked everyone "What's the strangest thing in your bag right now?" Three winners were chosen at random, but I can't help but feel we were all winners because of the incredibly funny responses you all gave -- 105 of them to be exact!

I rounded up the best of them...

  • Probably my daughter's left shoe...not sure how it made it's way in there. -staciegarces
  • A half-eaten PB&J sandwich from three weeks ago! Yuck! Thanks for making me clean out my bag. -Kangacoo
  • A partially chewed piece of beef jerky that my son spit out. Eww! -xoeskie
  • I am not sure what would be considered as strange, but I guess in my bag it would be a deck of cards (you never know when someone will want to play Euchre) and a roll of toilet paper. -Peajewel
  • The strangest thing in my purse....a special soup spoon. This is my hubs' favorite, so he wants it in case we eat out.  -amandasrainbow
  • A ton of hair bows for a baby that does not have enough hair to hold them in. One day they will stay in and I will be prepared! -mommylove04
  • Blueberry syrup? I have no clue where it came from...all I can think is that my 2 1/2-year-old jacked it when we went to the store! -norasmama
  • A turtle money clip but why it is so strange is that I have no idea where it came from or who it belongs to. -BabybluesBoffin
  • A note card my friend sent me with a picture of Flavor Flav taped to a piece of paper with "Yeah boi!" handwritten underneath it. -dsteiner23
  • My grandsons umbilical cord! It's in a baggie. I'm saving it for an umbilical cord bag. (It's a Native American Tradition). -angiekay
  • Oh my I have to be honest here...it's a miniature glow-in-the-dark male part that was given to me at a Girls Night Out party. Not sure why I still have it.... -ahassell

Check out even more responses here.

So tell me...what's the strangest thing in your bag right now?

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