7 Natural Solutions for Your Grossest Beauty Woes

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With winter nipping at our heels, admittedly it seems all of the beauty issues we forgot about are rearing their ugly heads again. But, we understand why you might be hesitant about scheduling a slew of time-consuming doctor's appointments or leaning toward pre-packaged, over-the-counter "miracles in a bottle" -- which may or may not come with scary side effects. So why not substitute in some of Mother Nature's shining stars instead of over-the-counter solves?


We talked to two experts about their favorite natural remedies for treating some of those most embarrassing beauty problems. 

"We've been conditioned to believe that conventional methods and professional products are better than at-home remedies, which is not true," explains beauty artist and wellness coach Julie Swenson, who works with Kesha, Clair Danes, and Kat Perkins. "Also, the media --where people get a lot of their information and influence -- doesn't feature the benefits and savings of at-home remedies." 

Depending on what you're treating, herbal remedies can be very effective. Founder of Natural Beauty Expert, Belinda Hughes, is a firm believer in herbal tinctures. "People are skeptical about what they don't understand," she shares. "When friends and family [have an issue], I'm the first one to bring out herbs to help the body fight off the virus. Once they see how quickly they work, they're asking for them [again and again]."

To assist you this season, our experts broke down a few of their tried-and-true herbal remedies for some of the less "sexy" beauty issues we often experience.

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