BeDazzler: Be a Rhinestone Cowgirl


Photo by BeDazzler

I want a BeDazzler. It's one of those things I forget about, but then I see an ad for it and I think...I want one!

For $19.95 you can get this machine with 100 rhinestones, 150 studs, and a mini BeDazzler.

Oooh the thought of being able to make lots of things sparkly sounds really neat.


I would BeDazzle a plain cardigan with a small cluster on the lapel area. Or maybe BeDazzle the end of my black scarf for a little pizazz! Oh! I can even BeDazzle a boring pair of black panties for a little sparkle.

Maybe it's just because it's almost New Year's Eve and I want everything to be glittery? What do you think of the BeDazzler?

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