Yes, a Rory Gilmore–Inspired Wedding Dress Is a Thing That Exists


Alexis Bledel
We've seen a lot of weddings throughout the course of the original Gilmore Girls -- there was Lane's ultra-Korean turned punk rock nuptials, Emily and Richard's sweet vow renewal, and, yes, even Lorelai got hitched. But we never saw Rory tie the knot, and have had to imagine what her perfect wedding dress might look like. And while Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life promises many things, we don't yet know if Rory will marry. But we do know what her wedding dress could look like.


Online wedding shop Floravere has designed what it's calling the "R. Gilmore" dress, a gorgeous sweetheart gown with hand-sewn embroidered flowers. 



The label describes the gown as "the iconoclast's take on tradition," and we couldn't agree more. Rory was always very proudly more into class than couture, so this take is super sweet and modern. 

The dress -- which is customizable on the brand's website -- retails for $3,390. And while wearing it won't give you Rory's IQ or shiny hair, it will make you feel like a Connecticut princess. 


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